1. Itchy Eyes & Thoughts on Baby No. 2

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    June 29, 2015 by Heather


    Parker and I were playing in his room this morning and “You Are My Sunshine” came on the Pandora station …
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  2. Things People Say: Gender Edition


    June 16, 2015 by Heather


    When I was a few weeks away from having Parker, I wrote this post detailing some of the more annoying …
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  3. Weekend Things

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    June 8, 2015 by Heather


    Friday evening we went to my mom and step-dad’s for what was supposed to be an outdoor cookout/let the kids …
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  4. three

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    June 1, 2015 by Heather


    Dear Parker, I had big plans of writing this to you at the very least during your birthday month, but …
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  5. Big Things


    May 13, 2015 by Heather


    Every time the thought of blogging passes through my crowded and contorted brain lately all I can think about is …
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  6. Like the Flowers

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    April 30, 2015 by Heather


    My grandfather passed away pretty unexpectedly Monday morning.  Papaw was admitted into the hospital on April 15 to have some …
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  7. In Like a Lion

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    March 19, 2015 by Heather


    Things have been rather silent on the blog-front, haven’t they?  Not for lack of material, thankfully.  Life is so full …
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Matt & Knox, enjoying a tender moment. @jmjackson This girl had a baby today, and he is really, really cute. She is also going to kill me for posting this. But she was so brave all day, even when she didn't feel like being that way. I'm so proud of her. @hanlee20 Today in a parking lot:
"Daaang you 'bout to BUST!"
"Indeed I am, thank you."
"I mean yes mam, you is BIG!" "Wow, thank you for that."

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