December 15, 2010 by Heather

Hello family and friends.  This is Heather here… I think Andrew will probably be contributing some on here as he feels led to do so.  We just wanted a little place to chronicle our surveying trip out to Colorado so that you would be in the know about what all we are doing, seeing, thinking, etc.  As a side note, please do not share this site with anyone else who does not know about our upcoming move.  Thanks 🙂

We know that our wanting to move to Colorado seems a little out there and random.  We know it doesn’t sound fully thought out and planned to perfection; however, it has been thought about, prayed about, and talked about more than you know.  We feel led to go.

So please keep us in your prayers as we go search out the area and learn new things.  We hope to love it but are also prepared to be not-so-enthused if that is the case.  We shall see!

Later taters,
heather ♥


3 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. Linda Smith says:

    I love you both and you will be in my prayers as always. I’m so proud of you and am honored to have you both in my life.

    • Hannah J. says:

      Well, howdy-doody!
      I am glad that y’all are stepping out of your comfort zones and attempting something “out there.” Whichever way it works out, Matt and I are praying regularly that y’all find contentment wherever you end up. Love from me, myself, and I. That was dumb. 😀

  2. Hannah J. says:

    I think I replied wrong.

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