5583 feet above sea level

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December 18, 2010 by Heather

….gives you one heck of a headache.

Also, apparently it is good to drink lots of water in order to help your body cope with the changing altitude.  HOWEVER.  This was not an option for ol’ Heather, because I was trying my darnest to not have to go to the bathroom every two hours.  Hence, the headache.

But we are heeerrree!  We decided to forgo our decision to stay the night in Kansas and just keep on driving through to Berthoud, CO.  It was dark by the time we rolled across the Kansas/Colorado border, so the only mountains we’ve seen have been big shadowy things looming on the horizon.  We are excited to see them in the morning.

George & Judy, ever the gracious hosts, greeted us warmly upon our arrival with glasses of water (thank goodness) and a brief tutorial by George consisting of things such as working the shower and the fire escape route and meeting place.  “If you’re not at the mailbox then we’ll assume you’re still inside the house.”  Ha.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that today’s 16-hour road trip was, quite possibly, the best one we’ve had thus far.  Usually we bicker and fuss, but today was smooth sailing… I like to think it had something to do with the books on CD that held our attention for hours on end and prevented any real reason to talk to each other, albeit the occasional comment/laugh about the story.

As we were taking the bypass around Denver, it occurred to me just how far away from home we were.  It was a strange feeling.  Homesickness.  I had not expected to feel that way, especially before the trip even really began…. especially since I am not one to get super duper homesick.  But for some reason as I looked out across the zillions of lights down below me, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’m not apprehensive about moving.  I’m not even apprehensive about moving 16 hours away.  I am so excited about exploring Fort Collins tomorrow and seeing what possibilities might lie ahead.  I think the reason for the sudden twinge of homesickness stems from the whole reason we are on this trip.  It isn’t a vacation.  We are here looking at it as a potential home, and that makes me nervous!  Luckily, Andrew is not having these same feelings.  And he’s right when he says that home is “only a phone call away.”  Like I told him, I guess I’m just being a girl.

It’s bedtime.  Tomorrow we’ll try to upload a video.  Let me rephrase that.  Tomorrow Andrew will try to upload a video.



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