over the shoulder Boulder holder


December 22, 2010 by Heather

And hello again.  Happy First Day of Winter.

Today Andrew and I went on a three-mile hike up (and back down, obviously) Rabbit Mountain, which is a pretty big hill that is very visible from George and Judy’s house and only about 20 minutes away.  Even though it was cloudy the views were still amazing and we got a good booty-burning workout since the way up was fairly steepish.  I even did some rock curls on the way down.  Make use of what you have, that’s what I say.

Near the top of the mountain we saw a herd of elk!  They were so beautiful.  Once we inched a little further up towards the overlook they ran off, but just seeing them all run together was amazing.  Very cool.  We also saw a little family (I like to think they were, at least) of white tailed deer bouncing around.  Literally, bouncing.  Like rabbits through the grass.  It was so cute.  Right at the beginning of our hike we saw a prairie dog poking its tiny little self up out of the ground.  Actually, we heard it before we saw it.  Their bark is kind of a shrill mix of “arf” and “squeak,” so I suppose it would be called a “squarf.”

After we descended the mount de rabbitos (fake Spanish), we drove along the gorgeous Foothills Highway and went on into Boulder.  It is a cool town.  The coolness there felt a little forced though.  I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.  But the town is very pretty and has a lot to offer.  We had a yummy lunch of burgers and fries.  I tried a bison burger.  It was super delish.  We grabbed some coffee to warm us up and wandered around for a bit before hopping in the car and heading back to Berthoud.

On the way back we talked about moving, which has been pretty much an ongoing convo since we arrived.  I told Andrew that it feels like when I was little and would play “house.”  It sort of feels like we are playing “move.”  Like we are just pretending and wishing and hoping (and thinkin’, and prayin’.. plannin’, and dreamin’… [my best friend’s wedding] ).  Ya know?  But then I think about how I’ve always wanted to move off and experience new things, and now that I have this amazing partner in crime to do it with, why the heck would I not?  And he feels the same way.  Anyways, so I told him that it felt like we were playing make believe.  He understood, but then said something that I guess I had been needing to hear but didn’t know it yet.  “I really think it is in our best interest to move out here.”  And just like that, I realized that this is one of those things that we can talk about together and decide and make lists and debate on until we’re blue in the face…but he is the head of our household and our marriage, as the Bible explicitly states.  And while I’m not usually one to “submit” or what have you, I feel like this is one situation where I need to let him lead us.

Enough mushy gushy talk.  Onto zee photographs of zee day………

Driving towards Rabbit Mountain

A barking prairie dog (squarf! squarf!!)

On the way to the top

Look at those guns.

I call these "crunchy roses." They were everywhere.

A herd of elk running through the valley

My mountain man

we hopped our way to the top. (get it? rabbit mountain?)

me & my boyfriend

Yes, Kirby and I are in love.  After we got home this afternoon he joined me for a short nap.  This was after I unknowingly gave him his entire day’s worth of food just for lunch.


2 thoughts on “over the shoulder Boulder holder

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Pretty pictures! Also, did Andrew get a new hat? Also, is that you (Heather) flexing your muscles? Just a few questions. Hope I am not troubling you with my inquiries.

  2. That is actually an my hat that he is wearing. And yes, those are my huge musks. You no trouble at all. Well maybe a little, but I’ll deal.

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