December 23, 2010 by Heather

Today George and Judy took us up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Let me tell you, the drive to, around, and fro, was breathtakingly scenic.  Like Judy said, “Sometimes I feel like I live in a postcard.”  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We even saw a big ol’ elk eating out of a bird feeder RIGHT OUTSIDE A CABIN WINDOW.  Again, to quote Judy, “I think if I opened the curtains and saw that, there’d be a wet mess to clean up.”  Haha.  It reminded me so much of Prancer, where he eats the apples right in the people’s front yard.  Elk really do look like reindeer, just for your information.  I firmly believe that in Santa’s off-season, he and the Mrs. bring the reindeer and vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Right outside the park is the quaint town of Estes Park, where we stopped for lunch and had the most delicious barbecue.  George opted to take the longer way home so we could drive a route called the Peak-to-Peak Highway.  It was very pretty.  I napped for about 45 minutes when we got back, and now we are about to eat what is sure to be a yummy dinner.  George has once again made fire and is grilling a flat iron steak.  We are also having roasted new potatoes and brussel sprouts (which I am very excited to try) and green beans.  Yummy yum yum yum.  Dessert will be the New York Times crossword 🙂

We are heading out bright and early at 6:00am (7am Walnut Ridge time).  We are ready to be home.  It’s been a great, validating trip, but we are excited to get back and see our pets and celebrate Christmas with family.

Brace yourself, there are many photos.

Yes, we are tourists. What gave it away?

(again, with the bendy leg.  what is up?)

A mini snowman!

"chomp chomp chomp"

"Well, that oughta do it."

snowy mountain roads

powdered sugar-dusted pines

Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun.. please shine down on meeee.

George & Judy

Why yes, that IS the Super D model!!

white out

St. Elmo's Church

Mount Meeker, coming in at 13,911 feet.

The Little Tree That Could

Really ready to see these silly gals.


2 thoughts on “RMNP

  1. Mrs. Teddi says:

    We are seeing a Colorodian glow to your faces. Glad it is everything you hoped it would be.
    Your dad and I (and Elvis) are a little sad Mayfield will be going home soon. I think she rather likes to stay with G-Dad and Nonna T. Be safe and keep talking to each other! See you soon.

  2. Hannah J. says:

    First off, beautifully superb pictures. Seriously. However, why is George wearing shorts??! Crazy Colorodian. I’m really glad I got to experience the Super D model again this morning. His pictures really inspire me.

    I’m readdyyyy for y’all to be baaacckkk!! That pic of M and D is precious. Sweet tots. See ya Saturday!!!!

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