February 2, 2011 by Heather

I have found that I do not like to use regular color names.  I believe that “blush” describes “light pink” so much better than, well, light pink.  The same goes for mint and pale green.  Other examples of this are:  mac&cheese instead of yellow-orange, rust instead of orangy red, plum instead of dark purple, and bacon instead of dark red.  Ok that last one is just a little jokey joke.  But I might try it sometime to see what happens.  “Oooh, your bacon colored lipstick is so lovely!”

I love, love, love Suave’s Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner.  It smells absolutely divine.  It also only costs somewhere aroung $1.63 for each.  AND it doesn’t have dimethicone, which is a form of silicone that is in a whole lot of hair products and really isn’t very good for your hair, especially in shampoos and conditioners because it acts as a smoothing agent and gives the appearance of moisturized hair when actually it is fooling you and drying your hair shaft from the outside in.  Suave, in my opinion, is pretty legit.  Don’t ask me how I know that much about a hair product ingredient.  I will say that it is ok for a styling product to have dimethicone, just probably not hair cleansing products.

This afternoon I was at the mall getting a baby shower gift and I saw two Pentecostal ladies speed walking.  It was just an interesting sight, that’s all I’m sayin.  The knee length denim skirts, crazy permed hair poofed up on top of their head, the tennis shoes, the hardcore way they were getting after it…. Sorry.  It was just amusing.

I have decided that there are three different kind of dressers.  Not the kind in your bedroom that holds clothes.  What I mean is that there are three different color schemes most girls stick to when dressing.  This is a very broad observation, but in my years of people watching I’ve seen the Black Girls, the Brown Girls, and the Gray Girls.  (I suppose this could also go for guys, but let’s just stick to what I know).  There are instances where the Brown Girl dabbles in some Black Stuff, but in general she feels safest wearing her Brown Stuff.  Navy and army green also go under the Brown Girl Stuff.  Me, myself, I am a Black Girl.  Feel free to quote me on that.  I have some Brown Stuff, but usually I will stick to Black.  I have a friend, Katie, who is a Brown Girl.  My sister, Hannah, might be considered a Gray Girl, but then again she is known to be Black, Brown, and Gray all at the same time.  Somehow it works.  A lot of high school girls these days are Gray.  They even have Gray boots.  Who has Gray boots?  I mean really.  I’ll just stick to my Black and Brown boots.  Actually they are not brown at all, they are cognac, hence making them the perfect color to use whenever I feel like combining my Black Girl with my Brown Girl.  I like to mix it up.

I hope I have not offended any Africans or Hispanics by the above paragraph.  If so, let me know and I will try to explain it to you a little more fully.


4 thoughts on “t.m.i.

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Haha, thanks for the shout out. You can just say it. I don’t ever match. I have accepted it.

    P.S. You write really good.

  2. Aw that means a lot coming from the best writer I know 🙂 Hahahahahaaa and I didn’t say that you “don’t ever match.” Also, I laughed when I read shout out. Haha. Next time I will really say, “I’d just like to give a shout out to my sista…”


  3. CAROLICIOUS says:

    So.freaking.funny. If you wrote a book I would buy it.

  4. Hannah J. says:

    Haha, I just read this again and keep laughing at the Pentecostal speed walkers part. Pahaha. I really can picture it.

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