i sing bass


February 3, 2011 by Heather

Andrew and I are both sick.  Well, I’m not sure if the sickness has fully set in, but boy is it on the brink.  I kind of like the way my voice sounds when my tonsils are swollen and scratchy.  I keep catching myself humming out of no where just because I think it sounds cool.  Andrew, on the other hand, does much more than random low humming.

Andrew over-coughs.

I’m not just talking the kind where there are a couple of quick throaty bursts to clear up the mucus and then it is over.  I’m talking the kind of cough a 94 year old fat man does who spent most of his life smoking.  It starts out with the basic cough sound, then there is this strange wheeze that is so loud and long that it makes him have to bend over at the waist just to get it all up and out.  I really kind of think it is unnecessary.  But that’s just me.  Little known fact about Heather:

I hate it when people cough.

Yes, even the little sick toddler sitting in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart.  Just because he/she is small and cute doesn’t mean his/her cough is any less nasty.  I just hope one of these days a random bought of tourettes doesn’t kick in, causing me to launch a snack pack of corn nuts directly at the coughing child.  Wouldn’t that be awful?  I wouldn’t put it past me though.  I once threw a pen across the room at a girl during a bible study.  That happened a few years ago and I still have no valid explanation for it.  Maybe she was coughing.  Just kidding.

I’m not sure when it became a pet peeve, but it is what it is.  I get bothered when people cough.  It even bothers me when I cough.  I know I sound ridiculous.  (Cue Andrew saying, “Well if you know it sounds ridiculous then why don’t you do something about it?)

I substitute teach all day tomorrow & I am HOPING to finish that darn cover letter whilst doing so.  Sometimes I use “whilst” when I probably shouldn’t.  Whatever.  I just cannot figure out quite what to say (write) in the darn thing!  I know in theory what a cover letter is supposed to convey, but for some reason the ability to convey those things just is not conveying itself out of my brain and onto the letter.  Ugh.  Tomorrow though.  Tomorrow I will finish it.

I think I only have about 10 more minutes until I am sufficiently drunk on nyquil, so I better wrap this up and get ready for bed.

huuummmmm 🙂


One thought on “i sing bass

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Does Andrew over-cough like he over-yawns?

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