thoughts on food (Hannah guessed it, btw)


February 16, 2011 by Heather

I had a good talk today with a dear friend about eating habits (healthy and otherwise) and it got me thinking about food.  I love the stuff, can’t get enough.  Thankfully, somewhere along the way in life, I developed an affinity for fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  I probably have my mother to thank for that (thanks mom :)).  I love me some fruits and veggies.  I love the way they taste, the different ways you can cook them, as well as the nutrients they provide.  I truly believe that if I was single and only buying groceries for me, I would be a vegetarian just out of sheer default.

As my friend & I were talking, she mentioned that eating healthy is so expensive.  She’s right – it is.  It’s much cheaper to buy frozen dinners and processed foods than it is to buy a cart full of produce, which totally sucks.  It really boils down to shopping wisely.  We go grocery shopping every Sunday, with a budget of about $60.  Some weeks it’s closer to 50 (yay, go us!), some weeks it’s closer to 70 (darn you cat litter).  Our list usually consists of the following:

  • the basics – whole wheat bread, skim milk, eggs, deli meat
  • Andrew food – chips, granola bars, bagels, mac & cheese, ice cream
  • ingredients for two or three recipes I want to make that week, usually the ingredients overlap so that there is not as much to buy
  • Heather food – apples, bananas, spinach, black beans, yogurt, carrots, tuna
  • random items like laundry detergent, cat food, wheat thins, tampons, etc

That is a nutshell version, but you get the idea.  Of course there are the monthly-ish items like sugar, flour, oats, coffee, butter*.  I’m not sure how this got turned into me revealing what I buy at the grocery store, but I’m just gonna go with it.  The point is:  you can afford to eat healthy, because you can’t afford NOT to. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but whatever.  It’s the truth.

That said, if I get a hankering for chocolate chip cookies (which is quite often), you better believe I am going to have at least three of them.  I eat dessert EVERYDAY, no lie.  Sometimes it’s an Andes mint, sometimes it’s half a pan of a couple of brownies (whoopsie).  There are times when I want cake for dinner instead of actual dinner.  Honestly, I have to be really careful about keeping a lot of sweets in the house because I WILL EAT ALL OF THEM.  I used to really beat myself up over my sweet tooth and my inability to control it, but I figure I do good the majority of the time, so what the heck.  Life’s too short.  Gross that sounds so cliche.  Sorry I typed that.

*On butter:  buy the real stuff, the salted sweet cream stuff.  Margarine sucks.



5 thoughts on “thoughts on food (Hannah guessed it, btw)

  1. flamingomama says:

    You’re welcome, Heather. And you also got your craving for that half pan of brownies from me which is the main reason I gained 75 pounds when you were inside my womb…….. Eating healthy is expensive – cucumbers went up 20 cents this week. Just ONE FREAKIN cucumber is now 94 cents. Shish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, of course, that is my craving these days. Oh well – also, you have to try sun dried tomato turkey in the deli. OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One pound is like $7.00, but so worth it. I love you just the way you are and you are disciplined about your eating habits vs. your workouts – so, hey, we are both hot – Yea, that was gross to say on my part, but I just left the local Walmart and I think I’m so so….. Love you.

  2. Hannah J. says:

    I know you so well. So does ole Andy. Just so you know, you are my inspiration a lot of the time when it comes to eating healthy. It IS so much easier and cheaper to buy non-healthy stuff. But that really means nothing when it comes to giving your body what it needs.
    Anywho, cat litter is a real budget buster. So is dog food. And detergent. And toilet paper. And night cream.

  3. What about afternoon cream?

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