moving monday


February 28, 2011 by Heather

I’ve decided to start a little thing called, “Moving Monday.”  I will post every Monday about what all is going on regarding our rapidly approaching move to Colorado.  Thoughts, happenings, etc. 

Let’s do this.

First off, I didn’t get the job that I applied for at Colorado State.  Being rejected sucked, but it just wasn’t meant to be I suppose.  Andrew still has not heard back about the jobs he applied for…yay for the waiting game.  This whole thing will be a lot less scary if one of us gets a job.  *fingers crossed*

Speaking of being scared, I really am not scared at all.  So maybe the word in the above paragraph should be “intimidating.”  I don’t know.  Mom asked this weekend what I was most scared about, and after some thought, I realized that any negative-ish feelings I’m having are just worries and nerves, not really fears.  So that is good.  Andrew feels the same way. 

It is weird now to look on Craigslist (legit or not?  tell me what you think) and see that apartments are opening up for the time that we will be there.  Back in October/November when we decided all of this, looking at stuff on there was just for fun.  It’s getting closer.  Tomorrow is the first day of March.  We’ll blink and it will be April… oh my!  The last week of March we are going to Colorado for a few days to fling our resumes into the faces of every single employer in town, as well as look more seriously at apartments.  Ideally, we’ll find one we like in our price range ($5-10 a month, just kidding) & can go ahead and secure it.  Even MORE ideally, they will have a “first month free” special going on, that way we don’t have to pay rent for the month of April when we won’t even be there. 

We have not had to pay for housing, ever.  This is one of those things I am nervous/worried about. 

This morning I talked to a teacher here who used to be a veterinarian (I am subbing in da library again) about moving 16 hours away with a cat.  She reccommended tranquilizer pills.  Doesn’t that sound awful?  Haha, but I know that she is legit and wouldn’t tell me anything otherwise.  PLUS, my mom and Andrew’s mom both suggested the same thing.  And moms don’t lie, duh. 

Also, I just learned that there is a Watson Lake in Fort Collins.

Alright, see ya.


3 thoughts on “moving monday

  1. efrank04 says:

    aw i think ive been to watson lake actually…at least i went to some lake. and shes right about the cat. my sister did that with her cat on our ridiculously long drive to florida. the cat surrived, although i dont think i would have minded had she not. JK. love you sweet december:) so excited for your moving plans!!!!! MUAH!!!

  2. I found my government job on craigslist, so it has some legit things on there but just make sure it doesn’t sound weird with the whole apartment thing. I have apt searched on craigslist. They generally have good deal and apartment locators that will help you.

  3. cklredhead says:

    I’m not sayin’ that Watson Lake isn’t legit, but it’s not Stan Road. Now that would be the sign we all need. 🙂

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