high noon and all is well


March 3, 2011 by Heather

I’d like to talk about something that is a real, thriving issue in society.  Something that is usually hidden by most and frequently denied or avoided in conversation.  Here, on this very blog, I am about to say three words that are so poignant and bold that you might not continue reading.  If that is the case, I would go on so far to say that you are probably someone who has struggled with the very problem.

Bible Study Guilt.

It is defined as this:  Whenever you plan to go/actually attend a non-Sunday Christian gathering only because you’d feel guilty for missing it.  Guilty as in other people would “think badly of you” for not being there.  *gasp*  The horror.  (That should be pronounced “horra” by the way).  Whether or not the Bible Study is legit/good/relevant is, well, irrelevant.  I knooow, any study of the Bible is all of the above blah blah blah, but you KNOW what I mean. 

Bible Study Guilt can be experienced when you have semi-committed to attending, say, a Thursday night lady’s group, but you really would rather do one of the following:  1) Stay at home, bathe your dog, paint your nails, and watch SATC while the husband is away on an overnight work trip; 2) Walk around the mall in your stretchy pants and maybe find a new blouse (yes, blouse); 3) All of the above.

I feel this way everytime there is a Thursday night that I am free and, for all logical reasons, could attend the neighborhood Bible Study.  I’m sure my mom would tell me that this is Satan trying to get me not to go.  Haha, hi Mom.  The thing is, when I go, I am the youngest one there by about 10 years.  Don’t get me wrong – the ladies are all so nice, and I will say the times I have gone that I do leave feeling encouraged.  It would just be more benificial to me, personally, if the group was full of girls my age.  Because trust me, I am not benifiting anyone with my little nuggets of Biblical wisdom that I’ve gleaned from the assigned readings.  And sometimes I sort of feel like they don’t take me seriously, but let’s be honest, do many people take me seriously?  Srsly. 

I hope I’m not coming off as Anti-Bible Study or selfish in a I-only-do-churchy-things-that-work-for-me kind of way.  I believe myself to be neither of those things.  This makes me want to quote Charlotte York:  “I AM NOT A FAIRWEATHER JEW.”  However, I’m not Jewish, so it really doesn’t apply to this situation.  “I am not a fairweather Southern Baptist” just doesn’t quite have the same effect. 


In other, less religious news, I am filling in for the high school secretary today.  Or as I like to call it in my head, the Administrative Assistant.  Muahaha.  Earlier this morning a mother called and told me the following:  “Um hi this is Cheyanne’s mom and I was just wonderin’ if yall could call her down to the office so she could take some medicine and get a pad.  She started her period at school this mornin’ and is crampin’ a lot.”


You tell girlfriend to get her big girl self down here on her OWN.

happy humpday fellow humpers.


2 thoughts on “high noon and all is well

  1. cklredhead says:

    Haha! The good ol’ Bible Study guilt. Apparently I missed out on 6 months of “New Mommie’s Bible Study” right here in our building. And I found out that many of the women here noticed I never went. And they still remembered, even yesterday on the elevator when one of them said, “Oh wow! Asher’s getting big! We never saw you guys much….” Meaning, “You never came to the BS” Maybe that’s why no one ever talks to me here!

  2. flamingomama says:

    I thought humpday was Wednesday???? Btw, you have my permission to “skip” bible study. You love God. Bottom line. Love you.

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