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March 5, 2011 by Heather

What a nice weekend it has been.  Friday night Hannah & Matt (sis and brudder-in-law) came over for dinner and we had a magnificent time.  I made ham & beans and the best cornbread in the world, along with some homemade honey butter that I whipped up real quick and turned out to be quite delish (3/4 cup butta, 1/4 cup honey, go make it now).  For dessert I made some lemon crumb bars, the leftovers of which are in the fridge and I CAN’T STOP EATING THEM.  Someone please come take them away.   Seriously, I had three last night and three more tonight.  Me and sugar have a major love-hate relationship.

Today I slept until – get this – 11:30am.  That means I got 12 hours of sleep.  What in the world?  There was a storm during the night that sort of kept me up some, but other than that I was out the whole time.  So weird.  And yet so great.

Andrew was planning to go to Jonesboro for the afternoon to play a little b-ball with his brother, so I tagged along (or is it tug?  I tug along.  Surely not).  I took care of a few errands and walked around zee mall, then by that time he was ready for me to come get him.  We ended up going by Old Navy before heading home and getting him some much needed new duds, more specifically two new pairs of pants.  It is so fun picking out clothes for him because the boy can wear anything and it looks good.  Cutie patootie.  He’s so much easier to shop for than, say, myself.  Blah.  I have become so friggin PICKY!  Oh my word.  Guess it’s not a totally bad thing.  Maybe I’m just getting old.

When we got home Andrew set up my bike on the trainer & I rode and watched an episode of SATC while he made dinner. Woohoo!  That’s right!  He made one of our favorite meals, veggie pizza, complete with a homemade crust.  That fella, he’s a keeper.

This is a very boring post and for that you have my apologies.  There is a slight possibility that the content of this blog may take an emotional turn this week as I battle through the glories of mutha nacha.


Iron Chef Hottie McHottie Pants

then there's me, with my ponytail stuck to my forehead sweat.


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