traveling tuesday


March 8, 2011 by Heather

It doesn’t quite have the same ring as Moving Monday, but it will have to do.

Today I had my first bought of what I would call a bit of nervousness regarding our move.  For some reason while I was drinking my coffee this morning I got really worried about us finding jobs.  I don’t know where the worry came from, but it came.  Thankfully, like most worries, it eventually went away once I started doing things around the house.  The thing is, I don’t want us to just “get by.”  I want us, both of us, to really thrive and find jobs that we love.

I know that we might have to do whatever it takes to pay the bills for a little while until we can find real jobs, but oh how wonderful it would be if a couple of super awesome (well-paying, perhaps) jobs came our way.  I’ve never had what I would call a real job.  I’m not really sure what I base the realness of it on, maybe something that doesn’t pay by the hour.  Something that actually requires the college degree I worked so hard to obtain.  Something I can truly be proud of.

2 months from tomorrow is the tentative date we have set to move.  8 weeks.  56 days.


In other news, Andrew used his pound of ground beef tonight to make himself some tacos.

He ate eleven of them.


One thought on “traveling tuesday

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Pahahaha. How do you even get eleven tacos out of one pound of beef? My word. I, actually, could probaby eat eleven tacos right now. Don’t judge me.

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