prilosec, prayer, & pizza


March 15, 2011 by Heather

An update on my condition as previously written about:  Better!  It was really hurting all day yesterday, so I went to the school nurse here & she suggested I do a round of Prilosec.  I was like, “What??”  I’ve never had acid reflux or heartburn or anything!  But apparently, if it is my gallbladder, the acids in my tum-tum are what can irritate it.  So I went and bought the generic 14 day treatment.  (Sounds like a yeast infection, no?  Oh lordy, can you imagine a 14 day treatment for that?  One word:  HELL).  I started it yesterday, and this morning I woke up symptom free and stayed that way.  I went ahead and took today’s pill, and I plan on keeping with it.  I figure there’s no harm in doing so, even if that’s not what’s wrong.

Let’s talk about last week.  Last week I was bored out of my mind.  I only subbed a half day on Monday, so for the entire week I pretty much loafed around like a lazy bum.  I mean, I did things, but not a lot.  I’m sure you’re thinking, Wow, that sounds sort of wonderful.  But it wasn’t.  It was like I had reached the peak of my boredom.  I had (if there is such a thing) too much free time.  See, I’m not one to have a bunch of hobbies that I am faithfully devoted to.  I mean, I have my things that I like, but you know.  Nothing that takes up a ton of time or even sounds productive.  I was feeling like a major huge loser last week basically, which resulted in a bit of a meltdown one night, but let’s not revisit that.

One particular day last week, mid morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table almost in tears.  So I prayed and begged asked God to fill the rest of my time here with something worthwhile because I was doing a horrible job wasting my time.  It still feels to early to be packing.  And while I kind of dislike subbing, I even prayed that I would maybe get called to sub a lot just for the money, and so I’d feel like I was contributing (blah).  So that was my prayer, in a nutshell.

This morning, 8:10am, my phone rings.  I groggily roll over and see that it’s the high school’s number, which has come to be a bit of a double edged sword for me.  I have two thoughts when I see that number come up, in this order:  “Ugh I really do NOT want to sub today and be in a classroom full of crazy teenagers”  AND “Oh good, $75 bucks.”

Nevertheless, I answered like I always do.  She wasn’t calling for me to sub today.  She was calling to see if I would fill in, full time, as the High School Library Aide until we move.  The girl who had the position got another job, and they needed someone to take her spot until they hired someone else, which may or may not be before school is out.  (I can only be there until May 5, and school goes on for almost another month after that).  So I have a full time gig from March 28 through (tentatively) May 5th, in my most favorite place to sub, the Library.  It was only made better by the fact that my mom told me she overheard the principal telling the secretary that she should try to get me to do it.  That made me feel super spesh. TROPHY SUB WHAT WHAT.

God answers prayers, even the ones that seem small and unimportant in light of everything else going on in the world.

It was a much needed reminder.


In other, less religious news, tonight Andrew gave me what I have decided is the best compliment he’s ever given me.  It was this evening while I was making dinner.  He was leaning against the counter, eating a giant slice of red velvet cake.  I was so excited to try out some new ingredients… I made pizza with pesto, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes.  It was actually really good.  Needed a bit more cheese, but oh well.  This is what he said while I was spooning pesto upon my delish homemade crust:

“You are a much fancier cook than my mom.”

Whoa, hold the phone.

He went on to say that he takes it for granted whenever he asks me to prepare him a salad with his lunch & I lovingly present him with a bowl of spinach, strawberries, walnuts, broccoli, and homemade dressing.  He said, “I guess I’ve just gotten used to it.”

That made me feel so, so good inside.  I’m smiling still just thinking about it.  Like maybe – just maybe – I’m doing this whole wife thing a small bit of justice.

Speaking of this whole wife thing, there is a mountain of laundry on our bed that needs to be folded.  Duty calls.

Goodnight lovers.


One thought on “prilosec, prayer, & pizza

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Everytime you say something about being a good sub it reminds me of Peggy Hill. I’m serious, you need to watch that episode of King of the Hill where she wins Substitute Teacher of the Year. It’s so freakin’ funny.

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