today i had fro-yo, and it was amazing.


March 22, 2011 by Heather

Goodness me.

I apologize for the lack of postage since we arrived in Colorado!  I’m afraid this one won’t be of much great substance though.  My fingers are about to fall off the bones… I just filled out five rather long job applications, ugh.

Places I am applying to:  Sephora (!!!), Barnes & Noble, all three Public Libraries, Aaron Brother’s Art and Framing, The Cupboard (fancy kitchen restaurant), and Buttercream Cupcakery.

Places Andrew is applying to:  FIVE BIKE SHOPS (haha, cute), Barnes & Noble, and a couple of outdoor stores I’ve never heard of.

We’ve also had to kind of rethink our housing options, so tomorrow after we drop off our applications & resumes we are going to be apartment hunting.  No biggie, just realized we probably cannot afford a 2 bedroom right away, which is pretty much all we’ve been looking at.  Hopefully we can find something!!

I have been taking a few photos, but it takes a while to upload them and then post them, so I am going to wait and do a photo post after we get home.

We are having a really super great time here!!!!!!!  It feels more serious and real than when we were here in December, back when it felt like we were “playing move.”  And we truly do love the area.  It kind of rocks.

Judy let me use her fancy cool workout area in the basement tonight.  I think she could tell I was sick of filling out job apps and she was like, “Oooook, it’s time for you to take an exercise break.”  It was a much needed workout to say the least.

Ok, shower time.  I just wanted to do a quickie update.  🙂


In other news:  Last week when Andrew surprised me with a bouquet of wild daffodils from a random field, I had a silly thought pop into my head.  What if there aren’t daffodils in Colorado? {Told you it was silly}..Nonetheless, it made me a little sad!  I mean, I know nothing about what grows where, so cut me some slack.  It was a real concern for little ol’ me.

So, you can imagine my inner thrill when we arrived yesterday afternoon and there on the dining room table was a vase full of the yellowest, most fragrant daffodils I’ve seen this side of Arkansas.

Maybe I can make it here after all.

“I lift my eyes unto the hills, where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.”  Psalm 121:1


One thought on “today i had fro-yo, and it was amazing.

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Everything sounds great!!! Good luck with the apartment endevour. Just make sure it has lots of room for me to visit often! lol. I love you. Sephora?????? OMGOSH – remember: tight skirt, high heels, and a make up job to die for!!! I taught you everything you should know.

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