I am really excited (but trying not to get my hopes super duper high)


March 26, 2011 by Heather

I might have a job in Colorado.

I received a telephone call from the owner of a place I applied to, The Cupboard.

In the middle of discussing why we were moving there and what the weather was like there in January when he sits outside on the porch… he informed me that he would be very interested in sitting down with me when we get there in May to talk about the possibility of me working at his store.


He also said that many of his employees have been there for a very long time because he treats them well and they love working there so much.  This is the first time in three years he has had to hire new people.  Someone new was hired this month, and he will be needing another new employee by July, but we might be able to work something out for May.


I am to call him in a few weeks to check in and let him know if I am still interested.

And I have decided that I would rather work at The Cupboard than at Sephora.  After much thought, obviously.  I think I’d rather keep Sephora high up on a pedestal, a pedestal that I occasionally visit from time to time.  Also, I feel like there would be some girl drama there.  Save the drama for yo mama.

Anyway, I am major excited.  I am fully preparing myself for the possibility of the job not being available in May, but it sure did sound promising.

I just can’t understand why he would read my application and call me in Arkansas about wanting to hire me without having even met me.  The man was so nice.  He even asked about Andrew and if he had found a job yet.

Must be a God thing… 🙂  Did I mention I was excited?



One thought on “I am really excited (but trying not to get my hopes super duper high)

  1. pinkflamingomama says:

    “Save the drama for yo mama?” WTHeck????? I’m “yo mama” aren’t I??? Shish. See if I ever write on here again. Anyway, yes, it’s a GOD thing! I love you mucho!!!

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