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March 27, 2011 by Heather

(I bought quinoa – pronounced “keen-wa” – this afternoon at the store, hence the title.)

I am not really sure how to use it, so I’m just gonna make some up plain and simple style and see what it is like.  Seems to me that it is basically rice but with a ton of protein and a different shape.  It is prepared exactly like rice.  We’ll see.

Listen, I was gonna write about how we started packing yesterday & such, but I am really tired.

My full time library subbing starts tomorrow!  I promise to do a better post tomorrow night.  I can barely keep my eyes open right now.  Yes, it’s 5:42pm.  Goodness me.

Maybe a good shower will rejuvenate these ol’ weary bones.  I just rode my bike on the trainer for 40 minutes, maybe that’s why I’m tired.  Who knows.


In other news, I found out today that Andrew & I have been using the same toothbrush as each other since Thursday.  (HELLO!  WHEN I BUY TWO NEW TOOTHBRUSHES, ONE PINK AND ONE BLUE, WHOSE WOULD YOU THINK BELONGED TO WHO?  [or is it whom?])

The joys of marriage.

Another marital note:  Last night Andrew told me that sometimes in the mornings he rolls over to my side of the bed because it smells like strawberries.  Hahahaha, presh.

Later taters.


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