I’m coming out.


March 29, 2011 by Heather

After much (much) consideration, research, and soul/stomach searching…

I have decided to be a vegetarian.

After casually testing out the waters of it for about 3 months, I’ve decided to leave the shore completely and do it.  I know there are a lot of stigmas associated with labeling one’s self a vegetarian (tree hugger, judgemental of all meat eaters, peta freak), but oh well.  I’m not certain when it first entered my head… I think it was really a culmination of things.  It has nothing to do with “Save the animals, they have feelings too!”, because I know that by me not eating meat that I am not saving any cows or chickens.  It is purely a personal preference thing (say that ten times fast).  And not that I feel like I have to defend my decision (ok, maybe I feel like that a little bit), but here are some reasons behind it.  Trust me, it was not an overnight thing.

A few thoughts about it:

  • My favorite foods are all non-meat, so I am not cutting out anything I really love.
  • I love love love vegetables and fruits.
  • For a while now any meat on my plate or in a sandwich has made me think “dead flesh/carcass, gross” but I would eat it anyway because I felt that I had to.  (Not a lot of vegetarians around these here parts…)
  • Ironically, I feel like becoming a vegetarian will open up a whole new world of culinary experiences and all sorts of new foods and recipes… as opposed to feeling limited because I’ve cut meat out of my diet.
  • The best part of any meal for me has always been side dishes and dessert anyway.
  • Andrew is fully supportive.  I think he knew if would come to this eventually.
  • I will not judge those who eat meat.  It tastes good.  It is just something I would rather do without.
  • It has nothing to do with us moving to Colorado.
  • It has nothing to do with losing weight, because there are plenty of overweight vegetarians.
  • It has everything to do with me feeling healthy and feeling like I am feeding and nourishing my body with natural, easily digestible foods that I consider to be whole and good for me.
  • I will not, as a result of this, decide at a later date to be vegan.  No real eggs, butter, or ice cream?  Not for me.
  • Tofu looks like a compacted slab of freshly plucked brains.  No thanks.  Really, no.
  • I have, for a while now, been eating a vegetarian diet just by default.  It’s just what I like.


I am now going to take my bad @$$ vegetable eating self and sit on the couch with a couple new magazines and a mug full of this deliciousness that is currently rocking my world:

get. in. my. belly.

Goooooodnight dudes!


6 thoughts on “I’m coming out.

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Totally supportive!!! I’m practically a vegetarian myself – I have to make it a point to eat meat – so why? Anyway, I tried to be cool and hyperlink “Sweet Child of Mine” but lack the computer prowess of you. Excuse me, 2 teachers and multiple students tried. Oh well. I love you. Mom

  2. Linda Smith says:

    Yea, I did that too, but all it showed was all the website info, not the video. ugh. oh well. Thanks for coming by the graveyard yesterday. Really meant alot to me.

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