April 4, 2011 by Heather

Apparently girls wear garters underneath their prom dresses now.  I heard a few klassy 12th grade ladies talking in the library this morning about how they still needed to get theirs (prom is this friday omg, gotta get muh french tips done).  I asked if it was their wedding or a high school prom.  Sounds a little Slutty McSlutterson if you ask me. 

Ninth graders are taking some sort of benchmark type of test today, so all of the non-ninth graders who would be in the classes of the teachers giving the tests are being babysat by ME.  This is no longer a library, it is now social hour central.  High School social hour + Monday + PMS = no bueno… Good grief.

On the up side, I am enjoying myself by reading a plethora of Titanic books.  I.  Love.  Titanic.  History.  Weird, maybe.  But so freaking interesting.

So much change is going on right now.  Maybe more than I’ve ever experienced before.  Big changes are happening not only in my life, but in the lives of those around me who I love dearly.  Luckily, change does not scare me.  I sort of welcome it with open arms.  I mean, as long as it is good change.  It’s just funny how it all decided to happen all at once.  Hmm.

I have started listening to country music on the radio.  The CD player in my car has not worked for quite sometime now.  KLove is so majorly annoying, and KissFM has gotten too nasty and repetitive.  I love me a good pop song from time to time, but the popular stuff right now is just so disgusting that it is depressing to listen to.  So, country music.  I kind of like it a lot.  Don’t tell Andrew.

I have been so hungry today.  I had PB & Banana toast before I left the house, then after about an hour I was hungry so I ate an apple that I brought.  And just now (about 2 hours since the apple) my stomach was growling so much that I ate a snack size bag of cheetos I found in the back…. that said they had expired in January.  Guess what.  THEY WERE DELISH.


5 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. Justin says:

    I love a good country tune.

    Call me sometime.

  2. efrank04 says:

    yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! country music:) it will take over your time. be careful.

  3. Hannah J. says:

    Maybe now you have caught a glimpse of how hungry I am all the freakin’ time!!

  4. cklredhead says:

    Um..I wore a garter under my prom dress. dugh

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