belts that go squish

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April 8, 2011 by Heather

Oh how I wish I could stand wearing a waist-cinching belt for longer than 30 minutes.  Nevermind wearing it while I sit down…fuhget about it.  They are so dang uncomfortable!!  But, they are also so dang cute.  Especially when I’m wearing, say, a tank top with a long cardigan over it.  That is when a thick, cognac-colored belt can really give an outfit some shape and pizzazz. 

Until I sit down in my car and whatever the belt was gently resting upon while I was upright comes oozing out and to a halt right above the waist of my jeans. 

THAT, my friends, is the moment the belt swiftly comes off my body and into my purse… where it stays for the remainder of my cardigan-clad day. 

I don’t like to “feel” my clothes, know what I mean?  I like for my clothes to fit well but comfortably at the same time.  I do not like to do the layered look because I am constantly figeting with the layers.  If it means you can tell that I’m wearing a bra with rainbow butterflies on it, then so be it.  I do not like layers.  I like for my clothes to be easy.  And sleazy.  Jay kay.

It is the same thing with belts.  I am constantly messing with them, moving them up or down, readjusting the tightness, trying to tuck random tummy ooze back up under them.  It’s just not worth the uncomfort. 

Belts.  I wish I couldn’t feel them.  But I can.  So in the purse they stay. 

Currently, out my library window, I can see the reigning flag line captain performing for a crowd of adoring fans.  I think the fans consist of the newly minted flag line members.  She may or may not be a little on the hard core side, which makes it that much more fun to watch her flag waving antics.  My favorite part is when she drops the flag mid-performance to do these “sexy” arm movements and fling her head about like Britney Spears-Federline (it’s britney betch).  Hmm.  I wonder if she’ll be wearing a garter to prom.

One month from this moment, we will be on the road to Colorado.  Yipes 🙂


I read something today that is quite possibly the best advice I’ve ever heard about bashing your bod or thinking it’s just not good enough. 

side note here:  What is “good” anyways?  And how the heck did we come to think it meant being a 5’9 size 2 with a six pack and perfectly toned legs and booty?  You define what is good (healthy) for you, plain and simple.  I am finally so very close to reaching a point where I have a healthy and happy view of myself.  I still have super insecure moments, but they are getting fewer and further apart, and I am learning how to deal with them much better.  Yay, I’m a month from being 25 and I am finally ok with how I look.  More than that, I think I look quite awesome.  Aaaand, more importantly, I feel quite awesome.  It really does come down to eating healthy and exercising.  Sounds simple, but it takes a while to figure out how those things work for you.  I think I’ve finally figured it out, at least a little bit. 

And I don’t care one bit if that comes across as vain or conceited, becasue it has been a long time coming.  I deserve to feel this way about myself, and I am proud of the healty self confidence I am cultivating within.

Now, for the advice I read.

Next time you have a negative thought about the way you look or mutter something about those dang love handles, ask yourself this:  Would you want your daughter to hear you talking like that?

I don’t have any children, but just the thought of having a little girl and the very real fact that she might be influenced by my low self esteem was enought to break my heart!  So just think about that.

You are beautiful, inside & out.  ♥


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