moving on up


May 5, 2011 by Heather

Sorry for the lack of postage.  Things have been busy busy up in hurr.  $1000 dentist appointments, food poisoning, birthday dinners, sorting, organizing, packing.


Holyyy Molyyy.

Things around here are, well, everywhere.  Right now it seems like it all won’t get done in time (seriously, crap is all over the place), but I know somehow it will.  Thank the good Lord for my mom & sister who spent 2 hours last night packing up our kitchen, a task that would’ve taken OCD me an entire day.

Emotionally, I am doing quite well!  I think (for right now, at least) I am too stressed and worried about logistics to really tap into the whole moving-sixteen-hours-away-from-my-family side of things.  And we are BEYOND EXCITED about going to Colorado, so that helps.  If I wasn’t 110% all about this move, it would be really hard to leave the fam.

I turn the big 2-5 in two days, what what!  Seems like a good, solid age.  Too bad I still have acne and harbor the insecurities of a 16 year old deep within.  I think it’s going to be a great year.  I will become an AUNT this year 🙂

I promise to blog everyday from here on out.  Unless there are technical difficulties (aka no wifi in our hotel Sunday night), I vow here and now to post something each day.  It might be a whole lot of nuthin’, but oh well.  I want to keep whoever is reading this updated on the move, or at least how I’m feeling about it.  As if you even care to know, ha.

Onto tackle the ever-growing to-do list.


2 thoughts on “moving on up

  1. Linda Smith says:

    I care!!!! And I read it everyday! You will make it – you always do and always will. I love you and Andrew (and Mayfield and December)………And I’m SUPER excited for you guys and am excited to come out in July!!!

  2. Katy Miller says:

    I care, too. I was having withdrawals from your lack of posting. I will miss you dearly

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