getting settled


May 19, 2011 by Heather

A few photos of the moving process, to tickle your pretty little fanny.  I mean fancy.

Getting ready to hit the road, jack.

December on drugs for the 16 hour drive.

Time to hang a ralphie.

Moment of truth.. about to go into the studio apartment we'd never actually seen.

What Heather thought/felt about the apartment:




Needless to say, it was (is) waaaaay smaller than the diagram and pictures we had been sent.  I’m talking, like, half of what we brought is in a storage unit.  And we didn’t bring much.  Photos of the finished apartment will come, eventually.

Figuring out what was going into the newly rented storage unit and what was staying.

When life hands you lemons.... shelve some books and deal.

Just looking at this picture makes me stressed out, how about you?

And how are the girls handling all of this?

They are doing juuuust fine.

I have really appreciated their help in hanging things on the walls.

Andrew.... always the lady's man.


In other, less pictorial news… I would just like to say that it is very nice having stuff close.  I was in the middle of making Andrew’s favorite cookies to cheer him up (he got a rejection email from CSU today regarding a job he really wanted… suck), and realized I had no baking soda.  In less than 5 minutes, Andrew walked across our parking lot, to the grocery store, and back with baking soda in hand.  So nice.  The cookies were delish, btw.  And Mr. Andrew, you ask?  He is already feeling a little better, I think.  ♥  Night night.


3 thoughts on “getting settled

  1. pinkflamingomama says:

    My favorite part was “when life hands you lemons…” So glad you made lemonade instead of throwing the lemons while uttering your sunday school lesson 🙂 Love and miss you.

  2. cklredhead says:

    Awe heather!!! I love your writing. What a bummer it was smaller than you thought, but I’m sure you’ll make it work and make it beayouuutiful. I’ll be praying that Andrew finds a job he wants. I can’t wait to see more pics and here more updates about your work!! Love you

  3. cklredhead says:

    ps. your legs are lookin’ gooood! jealous ^^

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