you can take the girl out of the south….


May 25, 2011 by Heather

One of the the manager’s daughters was at work eating lunch with her today & asked one of my co-workers, Cathy, if she would give her mom the recipe for the chocolate round things with the chocolate on them.  “Oh!  You mean white trash truffles!”  Cathy said.

“Hold on, are you talking about Oreo balls?”  I chimed in.

“Yeah, we call them white trash truffles.”

“Oh no,” I said.  “Where I come from, those things are a delicacy.”  (cue laughter)

“Haha, we joked about doing a white trash Thanksgiving this year, with a deep fried turkey and everything.”  Says Cathy.

Me: “What makes that white trash?  That stuff is legit.”  (more laughter at the crazy bad food eater)


Also during lunch, a lady was talking about how her niece did not know how to make mashed potatoes out of real potatoes, and that she had only ever had the kind made from “dried potatoes,” and how sad/funny it was.

“Potato flakes!”  I said.  “Those things make delicious mashed potatoes.  They are also good on baked chicken instead of bread crumbs.”  (cue laughter, eye rolling.. I actually thought one lady might throw up in her organic yogurt)


Coworker:  “I love road trips because it is the only time of the year I let myself eat fritos and canned bean dip.”

Me:  “Why can’t you eat fritos and bean dip right now just because it’s Wednesday?”  (laughter, scoffing)


Male coworker to female coworker about a salad recipe:  “So after you drizzle the avocado oil on and then set the julienned mango slices on top, you should finish it off with a nice cheese, perhaps a ricotta salata.”

Me:  “Why not try some velveeta?”  (hello, sarcasm)

Male coworker:  “Oh dear, you have so much to learn about good eating.”

Me:  “I know about good eating.  I was just being sarcastic.”

Male coworker:  “Gosh I have not had velveeta since I was maybe three years old.”

Me:  “How in the world do you make rotel???”  (cue male coworker walking away, laughing)


I work with exceptionally nice and amazing people.  They are just used to eating a certain way, and I find it quite humorous.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with only eating organic or buying all of your groceries at a place called Vitamin Cottage.  I think it is great, if you can afford it!  I just really get a kick out of how uppity they are about food, where they buy it, and etc.  I am definitely not in Walnut Ridge anymore, that is for sure.

But don’t be calling a deep fried Thanksgiving turkey “white trash.”  That is where I draw the line.



3 thoughts on “you can take the girl out of the south….

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Ask them if they’ve ever heard about GRITS????????? “Girls raised in the south!” If you’re bold enough, tell them yo mama is wearing cowboy boots to work today!!! I love you (and I also love velveeta, deep fried turkey and oreo balls!) Oh, and I grocery shop at Walmart 🙂

  2. Katy Miller says:


  3. Katy Miller says:

    Also, you are one of the healthiest foodies I know in the South, so imagine what they would think about someone like Dan who eats, frozen pizza, corn dogs, etc.

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