a word or two.


May 31, 2011 by Heather

Today I was told that I was no help whatsoever because I do not know what the Colorado state flower looks like.  I was also told that if I ever wanted to stop “doing all that” (meaning wearing makeup), that it would be ok and no one would care.

A.  I will work on brushing up on my Colorado state trivia facts.

B.  Fuhget uhbout it.  I like makeup, it makes me feel preeetty.


3 thoughts on “a word or two.

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Listen. Who do these people think they are talking to you like that? I will come up there and light all of their nipples on fire.

  2. Katy Miller says:

    Does anyone else wear makeup? What’s the deal with “those people?”

    • Ha, yes, some people wear makeup. And the girl who said that to me is very lovely and sweet and said it half-jokingly. But honestly, not many girls/women wear much makeup at all. It is kind of nice. But it also makes me feel overdone sometimes, haha. Oh well!

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