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June 7, 2011 by Heather

The CFDA Fashion Awards were held last night in New York City.  Basically, people are nominated for making pretty (or not so pretty) clothes and wearing  pretty (or not so pretty) clothes.  It is mainly for fashion designers, I think.  I was clicking through some photos of a few of the attendees, and thought I’d give my prized opinion on the ones that stood out to me.

Karolina Kurkova, supermodel and cold headed lady.

Doesn’t she have the most gorgeous face?  Her bone structure is other worldly.  I just with she was smiling!  Oh yeah, and HER DRESS HAS A HOOD.  It is a hoodie dress.  What the?  And it is green.  Sort of swamp creature-ish, don’t you think?  Obviously, she could have on a burlap sack and look amazing.  Ditch the hood, make the dress longer and with a train.  Maybe rain was in the forecast.  In which case, it is a very practical evening gown.  Not.



Naomi Watts, actress and golden ray of sunshine.

I love everything about her look here.  The glossy hair, shimmering shift, nude pumps.  It is all so classically understated, and yet it makes for an overstatement of total loveliness.  She is so darn classy and timeless.  Beautiful.



Senorita Jessica Alba, actress and baby carrier.

Jessica, you are really tan.  Sort of too tan, but it’s ok.  Your color block dress is fantastic.



Sofia Coppola, film director and uber chic lady.

The first thing I noticed was her hair and makeup.  So simple and yet so very glamorous!  I love the highlights and the berry lipstick – so fresh and ladylike.  As is her whole outfit!  I am a sucker for a well tailored dress, and this one is gorgeous.  The shoes give it some flair and sexiness.  Love love love.



Mr. Kirsten Dunst, actress and wannabe man.




Lady Gaga, singer and probably in a lot of pain.

Lady.  Is it Lady of is it Gaga?  How about LG, like the cell phone.  And flat screen tv.

Anyways.  LG, you are about to have a major nip slip girl.  Do you even have nipples?  I really don’t have much to say about this, except that you and I have a lot in common.  I, too, used to draw a fake mole on my face because it made me feel pretty and Cindy Crawford-ish.

Listen, LG.  I feel like I speak for a lot of people when I ask this.  Would it hurt you at all to dress prettily and, well, normal just for one event?  I understand your desire to be crazy and shock everyone with your far-fetched outfits; however, I think we’d like to see how you actually look.  You know, your real hair and face and body.  Maybe in a nice, simple gown with minimal makeup and jewelry.  Now that would be shocking.



Andrew, swimwear model and husband.

Totally loving this look.


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