really, truly thankful


June 16, 2011 by Heather

For a husband who is a hundred percent totally ok with having oatmeal and yogurt for dinner.

For a clean apartment.

For growing pains.

For good health.

For my job.

For a new friend who is a wee bit older and a lot of bits wiser than me who gave some much needed constructive criticism and sound advice instead of pulling the whole “Oh, screw ’em all” bit.

For a Mom who asks who she needs to beat up when I call her crying.

For a day off tomorrow.

For hand cream and frozen fruit pops.

That a week from tomorrow I can say to Hannah on the phone that I’ll see her tomorrow.

For super late substitute teacher paychecks from Arkansas.

For my pets who are so sweet and fuzzy.

For funny youtube videos.  Glozell, anyone?  Haaaaaaay, how you is?

That I have a washer and dryer and don’t have to spend my day off at a laundry place.

For American Eagle boxer briefs.  They are so comfy.

For semi-cheesy songs that have great lyrics, and the even cheesier videos that go along with them.


One thought on “really, truly thankful

  1. Alice Startup says:

    LOVE this song!!!

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