someone bring this girl a hot fudge sundae.

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June 17, 2011 by Heather

Up late, in the bathroom floor with the cat.  In here because, well, it is the only separate “room” in our teeny apartment where I can humor this random bought of insomnia without waking Andrew.

I guess the restlessness isn’t entirely random, but then it kind of is since I am usually pretty good about falling asleep somewhat quickly, if not eventually.  Not so much tonight.

My brain is on overdrive, which does not make for a sleepful state of mind.

I just can’t stop wondering why this and why that.  I know it is useless to think such thoughts, but boy are they running rampant.

Like, why do I say way too much sometimes.

Why are my fingernails peeling.

Why does it seem so hard to alter my personality, even just a little.

Why, when things seemed to be going so well, does a cloud of poop have to come take a big ol’ dump on my parade.

Why do I dwell on things so much and let them fester and take over my brain.

Why oh why can’t I go to sleep.

Why is cat litter so freaking expensive.

Why do some people take themselves, and everything around them, so seriously.

Why am I reverting back to my angsty, 19-year-old self.

Why did I eat so much dang fiber today.

Why can’t I work for Ron Swanson.



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