Day 1 of being unemployed {again}


June 30, 2011 by Heather

For starters, Mother Nature or Aunt Flo or whoever the heck that horrible lady relative is who brings bloody hell (said in a British accent so it is less offensive) each month greeted me at the first light of dawn.  I know, I should be appreciative of her arrival.  A.) It means there is no mini-me in my near future, and B.) It means I am healthy and that my uterine wall is getting a good flushing out.

Sorry, did I cross a line with that last sentence?

The thing is though, I got fired yesterday.  And the day before that, my bff and sister left to go back home.  So, forgive me for not welcoming the bloating and cramps and pads with open arms.

Honestly though, I would call today a good day, despite the whole being jobless part.  I slept in, enjoyed my coffee slowly, talked to some family and friends about my current situation (they give the best advice btw), applied for a job online, painted my nails, ate 6.5 cookies, swam some laps and laid out for a bit, tried to have a conversation with myself while laying out about what I could see myself being truly happy doing with my life, made the following mental list:

  • Be a professional eater (I kind of already am)
  • Be a professional blogger (how, and about what)
  • Have kids and be the bestest mom ever (give that one a little more time)
  • Talk to girls and women about nutrition and makeup and such, NOT in a retail setting (what does that even mean)
  • Go to culinary school but only just for fun, not for the catering jobs that would follow
  • Have a talk show
  • Edit things, because I love grammar and commas, basically.
  • Work for Ron Swanson
  • Be the person who names nail polish colors
  • Throw lots of dinner parties that are awesome

We also went over to Uncle George & Aunt Judy’s house tonight for pizza.  It was nice to get out for a bit and talk to some grown ups who have sort of been where we are right now.  We took Mayfield over to meet their sweet dog, Kirby, and boy did they hit it off.  They ran around the yard like a couple of crazies.  She is currently sacked out next to my hunka hunka burnin’ love and it is a pretty darn cute sight to behold.

I know someday I will look back on this and laugh and my kids will think I am cool for getting fired once upon a time.  I’m sure they will also think it’s humorous that Andrew used to drive a milk truck.  But right now (or at least in the next week or two, maybe), I want to know what in the world God has planned for me next.  It kind of feels like a practical joke.  Like, hey, here is this cool new place to live and *poof* a cool new job right when you get there that (gasp) you actually love… but wait, sorry, they don’t like you.

Andrew is kind of trying to decide what his next move is as well.  He’s got a few good ideas, I’m sure he will be amazing at whatever he chooses to do.  And December is trying to get into medical school and Mayfield had her first kiss tonight and is all in a tizzy.  Things are happenin’ in this tiny apartment, lemme tell ya.

Time to go wash my face, put on some pj’s, and say my bedtime prayers to the One who makes all things new.


6 thoughts on “Day 1 of being unemployed {again}

  1. Katy Miller says:

    Glad you are feeling a tiny bit better. LURVVV you.

  2. flamingomama says:

    BTW, it’s “Sister Flo” and you left off that you perfected the “imma wanna be a black girl” braid!!! Love and miss.

  3. flamingomama says:

    Wow! Wonder where he got the “I’ll come beat up your boss!!!” lol Love you!

  4. Hannah J. says:

    I’ll let Harper beat them all up. She’s got a pretty good right kick.

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