the job hunt continueth


July 11, 2011 by Heather

And it’s not going well.

Note to self and to others reading this:  DO NOT SEND YOUR RESUME TO PROMISING-SOUNDING RECEPTIONIST JOB POSTINGS ON CRAIGSLIST.   More than likely, it is a scam, and you will get an email just like this one that teases you and makes you think you are getting somewhere in the world, finally, until you notice it was sent at 3:31 in the morning and then your world wide web savvy husband finds the fake email on previously linked website.

Andrew found some new job postings on the hospital’s website here that sounded good, and when I got online this morning to apply for them, they were no longer there.

Speaking of Mr. Andrew, his new job is official!  He starts on the 25th at The Medical Center of the Rockies as a Patient Admissions Rep or something along those lines, not for sure on that title.  But it’s something like that.  Either way, he is excited and it is a step up, which is a step in the right direction.

It is a gorgeous hospital:

'ello, doctah.









Thankfully, Mom & Eric arrive tomorrow for a full week.  So that will provide a nice distraction from my unemployment.

Yesterday we got to hang out with some friends from Arkansas who live here in Colorado!  They moved here a couple of years or so before we did.  It was nice to show them around town and catch up and play with their precious little girl.  The little girl’s mommy, Michala, and I discussed my job hunting a little bit, and it really got me to thinking.  She asked what I was passionate about, what lights me up.  I didn’t have a good answer, I think I said something sheepish along the lines of, baking and exercising.  So today I am going to try to be thinking about the things I really truly love, and maybe write them down as they come to my mind.  Should be interesting.

Time to tackle my chores.  🙂


2 thoughts on “the job hunt continueth

  1. Katy Jane says:

    He didn’t love being a milkman?

  2. jrisner says:

    That is one fancy hospital. I can’t wait to see you next weekend!

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