thought bubbles.


July 13, 2011 by Heather

I just applied for another job at the hospital.  Actually it’s the exact same position Andrew has, so that is a fun little factoid.  This time I managed to correctly fill out everything, right down to the cover letter.  I had worked up a good one, with help from my already-employed-husband, and then had to re-login and discovered I’d lost what I had written.  This, of course, prompted a bit of an overreaction on my end of things.  I believe I said something about never applying for anymore jobs ever again.  Something real mature like that, you know.  “Are you four?” Andrew asked.  I nodded.  I eventually mustered up enough brain juice to churn out another cover letter and finish the darn thing.

Mom & Eric are here!  They arrived around noon today.  I met them at their hotel with a little bag of Colorado goodies (Fort Collins magazines, organic fruit, clif bars, granola.. haha), and spent the afternoon showing them a little bit around town.  My favorite line of the day… “I hate everyone here, they are all tall and skinny.”  I love you, Mom.

We ventured into The Cupboard.  Well, they wanted to do an experiment, so I went next door and they went into The Cupboard as two random customers.  Funny, not one employee talked to them.  Fire ’em all, that’s what I say.  Juuust kidding.

I made a blackberry cobbler for dessert tonight.  My very first cobbler.  And let me say, it was pretty delicious.  Thank you, Pioneer Woman.  You never fail me.

The rain outside sounds so wonderful.  I wish our bathroom had a window in it.  I love getting ready for bed (or anything, for that matter) in the bathroom with the window open and the rain drip-dropping down.  So soothing.

Speaking of bathroom, I need to go take a shower and get my tired bootay into bed.



4 thoughts on “thought bubbles.

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Everyone REALLY is tall and skinny. And I easily consumed over 5000 calories yesterday from all your goodies, the buttloads of FREE food samples – altho it was organic – and the delicious dinner you cooked for us. We love it here – who wouldn’t – and your apartment is beautiful. I too will be tall and skinny within a week. And full of gas. Why does healthy food do that anyway? We love you and Andrew and appreciate your hospitality! The cupboard %€£&¥€»%!!!!!!! THEY don’t have a clue what they lost.

  2. Hannah J. says:

    Hahaha, Katy Jane. Heather did you get my present. Because I haven’t received a “thank you so much you are so sweet omg” yet.

  3. cklredhead says:

    Heather I feel like writing bad reviews about the Cupboard…they’ll never know what hit them! haha… that’s what I almost did after what Rainforest did to Chris. Then I came up with all these ideas about how to get all the managers there fired. But all my plans ended up with the FBI tracking my IP address and throwing me in jail for slander or something.
    Anyways, I want to come visit you and eat lots of organic food and get lots of gas like your mom and go biking!! Miss you

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