asi es perfecto


July 18, 2011 by Heather

Listen.  The positivity I promised in my previous post (wow, lots of p’s there, huh?) is just not completely there tonight, so instead I have chosen to share a little secret with you.

Back before I was married and had some gosh darn privacy, I used to try to learn dance moves off of music videos (who am I kidding, I still totally do it).  And not just any music videos, mind you.  There is one lady singer in particular who I wish I could move like, and that lady is Shakira.  Girl has got some moves, like, ridiculously so.  I remember when the following music video came out, I spent quite a bit of time in front of my computer and hanging-over-the-door mirror trying to make my hips, well, tell the truth.  I got pretty darn close, just in case you were wondering.  I was especially good at the seated chest dance thing.  So, after you watch this video and admire all the ways her hips are truthful, re-watch it and try to do the dance moves along with Senorita Shakira.  Just make sure you are alone.


One thought on “asi es perfecto

  1. Katy Jane says:

    Make a video of yourself doing that dance move and post it.

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