an exceptionally great day.


July 27, 2011 by Heather

Slept like a wee tiny babe, awoke refreshed and just in time for The View.

Sipped my coffee, made some cheesy eggs and plain toast during a commercial break.

Skyped with my handsome husband who I miss so much.  He had his shirt off.  Heh heh heh.

Applied to three jobs.  Yes, I found them on Craigslist.  I believe them to be legitimate.  We shall see.

Two of them were housekeeper jobs.  I think I could be a very good cleaning lady, especially for $14 an hour.

Got a kick out of Mom organizing her Tupperware collection/collection of empty cool whip containers.

We decided what she should be called when Hannah’s bun in the oven, Harper Jane, arrives.  She decided that “Nana” would be ok.  I think it is just precious.

Picked HANNAH THE BIRTHDAY GIRL up with Mom and we met Grandma for frozen yogurt.

I had:  Strawberry Sensation, Tahitian Vanilla, and Triple Chocolate yogurt.  Toppings included, but not limited to: Fruity Pebbles, Pecan Sandies, Hot Fudge Sauce, Cheesecake bites, Trix, and Strawberries.

Then we went across the street to a store none of us had ever been in.  It was a super overpriced home store, with a corner of the store devoted to kitchen goods.  It really reminded me of The Cupboard, aka the place I got fired from.

Theeeeen, after making very clear the extent of my poorness and that I needed to only spend the bit of cash I had for spending money ($23), we ventured to the mall.  The mall in Fort Collins really sucks compared to the Mall at Turtle Creek.

Mom led us to a place she called, and I quote, “a store where I have found some of the cutest tops and they have really well made stuff,” also known as Hollister (or is it only one “L”?).  Hannah actually found some really cute jeggings on super sale that accommodated her bulging baby belly, and I tried on multiple sale items, including a bikini that must have been made for a 3 month old.

I then led us to my own form of Hollister, American Eagle.  Listen.  I have always found the cutest things there.  I realize some of it is a little teenagerish, but a lot of it can go either way.  Plus they have the best underthings and jewelry.  I got an awesome pair of boyish khaki skinny chinos, two tops, 3 pairs of pretty panties, and a pair of earrings for $26 (Mom gave me a little extra moolah, thanks mama).  I love end of summer sales.

Mom and I dropped Hannah Banana off at church (with her Hollister bag that proudly showed off a young man’s dark brown nipple), and went down the road to Don Jose for some of that delicious, cheap, and amazing Mexican food I have so missed.  I am still kind of burping it up.

We came home, let our cheese dip and enchiladas settle some, and went out into the humidity and mosquitoes for a 3.5 run.  I had to walk about a mile of it.  I blame it on the salsa.

We got back soaked with sweat (maybe that’s where I get it) and retired to our respective showers.

Mom is now in the next room filing her heels with a foot file.  It sounds interesting.  The cat is giving her a funny look.

Alright.  Time to get a big ol’ glass of ice water and watch me some cable.  This is the life.

HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY TO MY VERY BEST FRIEND AND SISTER, HANNAH LEE JACKSON.  You are lovely, radiant, and inspiring.  I love you and would do anything for you.  Mmmmuuuaaaah!



6 thoughts on “an exceptionally great day.

  1. Sweat is sexy, just sayin. AND YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME AND GO BACK!!!!!

  2. Hannah J. says:

    Aw, thanks. I had a great birthday. And I’m super pumped about my new jeans. Thanks, Mom for making us go in there. Haha. Also, I’m wearing my new earrings y’all bought me today. I love them. See ya.

  3. Hannah J. says:

    Yeah. I was a tad confused about that.

  4. flamingomama says:

    Ok, how’s this e v e r y one????

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