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August 31, 2011 by Heather

My ability to snazz up an outfit has faltered enormously since moving to Colorado.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been unemployed the past two months, hence the issue of wearing pajamas for most of the day and yoga pants and a tank top for the rest of the evening, until I shower and resume the wearing of the pajamas.

Maybe it’s because, in general, the people of Colorado are not huge fashionistas, from what I’ve seen.  I said in general.  Really though, most people here either live in workout gear or dark brown capris, a light brown shirt, dark green hiking sandles, and an organic hemp tote bag.   Earth tones.  Also known as dirt tones, but whatever.

There was a period of time, very recently, when I wore the same dress five days in a row.  I’d go out, run my errands, come home, take the dress off and hang it on the bathroom doorknob, and would just wear it again the next day.  And the next.  The thing is, there isn’t a lot of room for me to try on multiple things and make a mess of clothes like I used to in our giant closet we moved away from.  And, maybe I’m the only one like this, but it can be a little embarrassing trying to come up with a new way to wear something when your husband is nine feet away sitting on the couch wondering what in the world you are doing, just put something on so we can go dang it.

This brings me to today.  I was getting ready to go out for a little while.  I immediately grabbed a couple of items off of the laundry drying rack in the bathroom.  Two birds, one stone:  I had an outfit, and I didn’t have to hang anything up.  Win win.  It was then when it hit me.  I had gotten incredibly lazy in my dressing.  I had just worn this outfit two days earlier, gosh darn it.  I had worn it like every week since we got here.

And, it kind of made me look part bag lady part Pentecostal.

So I made the executive decision to shake things up, wardrobe wise.  I am going to be more fashionable, even if that means throwing on an extra necklace or two or seven.  I don’t have any money to go out and buy some new things, so it will be me trying to wear the clothes I do have in a different and new-to-me way.

Starting with today.

I went from this:

To this:

Look at that new-found sass, and those awesome knees. haaaaay

A yank of the skirt upwards, a belt to the waist, and bam.  New outfit.

just doing some reading, fashionably.

whoops how did this get in here...


In other news, if anyone happens know know of a car shop or mechanic who is interested in doing a little pro-bono work, please let me know.  I took my car to get an oil change today and asked the guy to check on a few things and when I went to pick up my car (after walking across the street and trying on cute fall clothes at Target), I was informed that I was in dire need of at least two new tires, shocks, struts, and something to do with my brakes.  A chunk o’ change, to say the least.  So, free car work would be greatly appreciated.

I may not be able to pay for car work, but I can make dinner.

chicken tenders, green bean casserole, and the ever glamorous boiled potato.

Now to join my handsome huzzzzband in watching reruns of The Office.  It never gets old.

2 thoughts on “supermodel documentary hour

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Yummm, green bean casserole. Mail meh some.

    We watch Office re-runs every night! Last night’s was when Andy is trying to get Michael to hate Dwight.

    “It’s just this thing we say around the office. Like when someone does something in a really irreversible way, they Shruted it. Wonder where it comes from…”

    “Who really knows how words are formed.”

  2. Katy Jane says:

    The second picture is definately better. I’ve been in a rut with clothes lately, too. Mainly dropping 53 pounds leaves my closet pretty empty. And all of the clothes that would fit are all stretched out and look dumpy now from fat days.

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