He is Constant


September 15, 2011 by Heather

Since moving to Colorado, things haven’t exactly been easy.  It has been one big challenging roller coaster, which isn’t what we necessarily wanted, but it turns out it is exactly what we needed.  That’s the thing about putting your trust in God.  He sees beyond what we want for ourselves – beyond what we think is best for our lives – to what we actually need, when we need it.  And thank goodness we don’t get what we always want.

Last week I received some mail from my grandma.  It was a magazine article about how to find a job and also a copy of a page from her daily devotional book.  I sat down to read it, and as I did the tears poured out of my eyeballs like a water hose.  I could barely read the darn page because it was all one big wet blur.  After I dried it up, I read the page at least three more times.  It was like it had been written precisely for me, for precisely that moment.

I thought I’d copy and paste it onto here, because you never know when someone is going through the same sort of valley.  It is taken from In Touch, a ministry by Dr. Charles Stanley (my grandma is, quite possibly, his biggest fan).  This particular article is from September 2, 2011.


Waiting on God

Almighty God formed you. He knows your talents and weaknesses, as well as every detail of your situation and potential results of any decision you might make.

Your Creator knows what is best for your life. His plan for you, which is motivated by wisdom and love, is executed with perfect timing. This last part can be hard for us to accept, especially when it involves waiting.

But patience is often part of the plan. In some seasons of life, God teaches us to trust and to yield our longing for immediate gratification. We demonstrate surrender and humility before Him when we submit to his timetable.

Of course, there is another option. God gave us the free will to choose His plan or step away from it. When life does not follow the desired path, we can try to make things happen in our own power. But this never works as we hope. In fact, it always leads to disappointment and difficulty, causing us to miss God’s best for our lives. Though this choice is tempting at uncomfortable times, the results are undesirable.

Scripture contains rich promises that we can claim throughout life—and God always keeps His Word. As His followers, we are to believe with faith, anticipate with hope, and wait quietly with patience (Rom. 12:12). In the meantime, we listen and obey.

Embrace whatever “season” God has you in right now. If it’s a time of waiting, choose to learn patience, trusting that His plan for your life is beautiful. Walking in His will requires us to remain sensitive to His voice. Our loving Father protects us from making mistakes when we readily listen to Him.


2 thoughts on “He is Constant

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Well….. this is perfect timing for me today. Let’s just leave it at that. I love you baby.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love this!! Also, just in time for me to read as well. How quickly we forget these simple words when life gets too hard and doesn’t go the way WE want it to.

    You’re a joy to work with. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. 🙂

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