September 30, 2011 by Heather

beef:  Slang .
a.  a complaint.
b.  an argument or dispute.

Lately I have a huge and mighty beef with two categories of human beings.

1.)  Smokers
2.)  Unnecessarily Loud Motorcyclists

Smokers, I get it.  You have an addiction.  But you are also selfish.  Why?  Because you force those around you to unwillingly partake in the inhalation of your cancer stick.  If you want to light up, go do it away from other people.  Like, far away, beyond breathing distance.  Not right outside of a grocery store or right beneath our apartment window at night when we are trying to enjoy the cool breeze.  It stinks and it is dangerous.  So go sit in your car or in your house or in some other confined space and char your lungs by yourself.

Unnecessarily Loud Motorcyclists, I also get you and your need to ride like the wind, wild and free.  But here’s the thing:  YOU ARE WAY TOO LOUD.  There is no need to rev your big bad engine 14 times before you go squealing out of a parking lot.  Once, maybe twice should get your hog warmed up enough to rumble to life beneath your leather chaps.  I am not opposed to motorcycles.  I am, however, strongly opposed to your need to let everyone in a 10-mile radius know that you are the loud and proud owner of one.  So shut up already.

And a big fat Happy Friday to you all ♥



One thought on “Beef

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Preach it sister!

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