Just call me Madge


October 3, 2011 by Heather

…..’cause I’ve got a badge.

Swipe THIS.


The first day of work (well, work orientation) went well.  Besides a run in the hose (dang laundry basket) and the realization that my pre-selected Mad Men outfit would not be practical for sitting in a conference room all day (belted waist, nuh uh), aaaand a plethora of big wigs giving their boring spills on various topics…. it was a good day.

This one is for Mom:

Bagel in hand, ready to rule the world.


And just because I think it’s presh:

Aren't they cute?


Dang.  I need a shower.


7 thoughts on “Just call me Madge

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Bahahahaha. For some reason I laughed (and am still laughing) where you said you need a shower. I don’t know. It’s just funny.

  2. flamingomama says:

    Love this! Thanks for the picture! I’m assuming it’s your “back to work” picture???

  3. Katy Jane says:

    Text me. Job info.

  4. Mom- yes! I was headed out the door and said, “Wait! I need a first day of work picture for Mom!” hahaha.

    KJ- I will text thee tomorry. I lugh yooou!

  5. Hannah J. says:

    Thanks for replying to my post.

  6. flamingomama says:

    She’s “hormonal” ya know.

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