I like to eat, eat, eat.


October 22, 2011 by Heather

Last night I made these french fries.  We had them with sandwiches (chicken, bacon, cheddar, avocado), and let me tell you something.  They were good.  Andrew said they might be the best fries he’s had.  I’ve tried to roast potatoes before to make them like french fries, but they always end up tasting like, well, roasted potatoes.  I was majorly craving some fries and needed to use up some of the potatoes we had, so I went in search for a good recipe.  And I found it!  It took a little extra time, with the soaking and the patting dry and the covering with foil and then taking of the foil, etc… but it was worth it.  So good.  You should make them.

For breakfast this morning we had these yummy things.  I halved the recipe.  They ended up being rather bite-size, but they were pretty good.  I probably won’t make them again, but they were good.  I like the concept of reinventing the crescent roll.  I think I’d rather just follow similar steps but instead of the cream cheese filling use melted butter and cinnamon and sugar for a more classic cinnamon roll taste.

We are watching the Cardinals right now.  I have surprised myself by how interested I am in the World Series this year.  I catch myself saying things (sometimes rather loudly) like, “Come on bro,” or “You hit like a girl,” or “You are in the major leagues for crying out loud!”  I am not sure where it came from.  I think Andrew gets a kick out of it though.

We took Mayfield over to meet the family she will be staying with while we are in Arkansas for a few days.  A sweet lady Andrew works with offered to watch her so we don’t have to spend 100-something buckaroos to board her.  Plus I was really nervous about boarding her anyway.  What if she got bullied?  Anyway, Mayfield and the other dog, Nikki, hit it off pretty well.  I think she will have fun there.

December turned 3 years old today.

Me and Andrew turned 5 years old.  🙂  My how time flies.

My little sister becomes a mommy in one day.  I’ll be an aunt.  It is so excited.  I can’t wait to see her!!!  (both hers!)

Finally got my bangs trimmed this weekend.  I was getting pretty tired of looking at my forehead.

I believe we are going on a new church date tomorrow, with Mr. Methodist.  Never been to a Methodist church.  Not really sure what the difference is between it and Baptist, except that they sprinkle instead of dunk.  Is that right?  Well, I believe in full immersion baptism, so I hope that doesn’t cause any awkward tension during our date.  Ruh roh.

Who wants some apple juice?  Me.  Goodnight, yall.




One thought on “I like to eat, eat, eat.

  1. Charity says:

    Methodists (which I converted to after High School) believe more in prayer, love, and forgiveness. They fully practice and believe in love being the key (love the sinner hate the sin and etc). They’re a little more liberal and comtemporary (usually) and I find myself much more comfortable, loved, and understood in this church than I EVER did in the Baptist church. Hope you enjoy it!

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