walking in an autumn wonderland


October 26, 2011 by Heather

First of all, I am an aunt.  I have skyped with the lovely child and have seen many photos and let me tell you, I am so in love.  I might explode when I hold her on Friday.  I really might.  Congratulations, Hannah & Matt.  Ya dun good.

So the snow started at about 8pm yesterday, and as of about 30 minutes ago it’s still coming down.  It has let up quite a bit, but it has definitely snowed alllllll daaaay loooong.  So pretty!  It was interesting having to trudge through the depths of it early this morning to scrape off my car.  Precious Andrew had to leave for work at 4:30am and before he did he cleaned off our cars.  BUT… by the time it was time for me to leave (6:30am), the snow had covered my car all over again.  THEN… after I scraped and came in and took Mayfield out to potty and gathered my purse and things… I had to clean off my windshield again.  Oh me.

Job status:  I like it a lot!!  I think it is making me a nicer person.  Hahaha I know how dumb that sounds, but it just might be true.  I deal with people who have some pretty bad and painful issues going on, and it puts things in perspective (i.e.: Ok, this guy has throat cancer and can’t talk… the giant breakout on my chin really isn’t all that bad after all).  It is also teaching me how to be more empathetic and compassionate, which.. well.. aren’t exactly two emotions that come naturally for me.  I have also learned more than I ever wanted to learn about health insurance.  Good gravy.  Knowing about deductibles and coinsurance and co-pays and charity programs and medicare and all that makes me feel like an adult for some reason.  Hmm.

And it’s now public knowledge, so… yeah, I AM PREGNANT.  Can we say surprise?  Haha.  More on that to come at a later date.  I am so excited yall.  What an adventure.

I have a few snowy pictures to share…. then time to start cleaning the apartment before we leave on our trip Friday!!  Having this for dinner tonight with all the fixins’ (I like it in nacho form) and watching the Cardinals.  Hopefully they can do some business on their own turf, we’ll see.  Go Pujols.  (Which I like to pronounce, Poo-Jewels).

Heading out for the second of three morning car-scrapings. This was after Andrew had already done it once for me.


So. Much. Snow.


Don't eat yellow snow, kids.


Just a little tree damage by our apartment. Ruh roh.


I liked these little red berry things peeking out from the snow.


Sparkly tree.


Creepy tree.


Didn't see too many cyclists out today, weird.


This is me trying to take an artsy photograph. Ha.


...snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...


Happy Humpday, Humpers!!!  The end of the work week is nigh!  Don’t you just love that word?



2 thoughts on “walking in an autumn wonderland

  1. carol says:

    ahhhhhh I’m so jealous of your snow! And I SO can’t wait to see your little baby bump! You’re gonna be a model preggo woman.

  2. Sarah says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen someone take a picture of their dog peeing. You’re awesome. 😉

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