November 7, 2011 by Heather

All I wanted was rotel dip and chips.

An old man called me beautiful.

I dug some interesting stuff out of my ear.

A nurse gave me a rude look.

I had hymns in my head all day.

I had a good conversation with some co-workers about pooping while giving birth.

I got a sweet email from Andrew.

I didn’t zip or button my pants, all day.  Thank goodness for tight undershirts.

I made a pizza.

I decided to be more encouraging.

It smelled like snow outside.

Andrew did laundry.

We took Mayfield for a walk.

I got a free slice of bread at Great Harvest.

I discovered a new radio station.

I read my bible while eating Golden Grahams.

I tried not to be homesick, unsuccessfully.

I missed my friends.

I thought about the holidays.

I drank a lot of water.

I totally rocked out to this song on the way home from work.


One thought on “today

  1. Katie Winstead says:

    heth! your snow is crazy there…are you afraid to drive in it? that would be a big fear of mine, or do they clear the roads like crazy there? I saw precious susan watson on saturday at wbc homecoming, sweet thing cried after the cheerleaders performed…she is just so emotional. sweet thing. um, what is it about fall that makes us miss ourfriends. maybe its some sort of down home nastalgia that takes over, anyway…all of that to say i miss your little pregnant self!

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