two become one, then one becomes two. who knew.


November 10, 2011 by Heather

Pregnancy.  Where to begin.

I found out I was pregnant on September 19th at 5:00am.  Mutha Nacha was rather late, so we had bought a pregnancy test the night before while we were out doing our usual grocery shopping.

“Do you really think you should take one?  I mean, it’s five bucks for one of them.”

Boys.  Hmf.  Turns out I really did need to take one.

I almost forgot to take it.  I had woken up way before my alarm just to pee and was mid-stream when I remembered.  I messily completed the task and sat it on the sink while I finished my bizness.  I turned to grab the toilet paper and saw that the little drenched stick had already produced a rather clear result.  Positive.  WHAT THE WHAT.  I stared at it for the longest time, mumbled something that I shall not type on here, wiped, and yelled, “ANDREW GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE.”

We immediately jumped in the car and went down the road and got three more tests, the whole time trying to figure out the when/where/how’s of this new situation we’d found ourselves in.  Upon arriving back at our apartment, still in total shock, I took one more test that (surprise!) did not vary from the first test in its answer.  Holy Mother of Earth.  The next day I took the other two tests and whaddaya know.  I passed those as well.

I was six weeks along when we found out.  I had been feeling a little, well, off.. but not sick or anything like that.  It felt like I had put on a few pounds for no reason at all.  I have always had a huge appetite and a too-good sense of smell, so those didn’t tip me off either.  One major thing I had noticed, besides the confusing weight gain feeling, was that I couldn’t exercise without feeling like I had lost a lung or something.  I would be on the treadmill for five minutes and be worn out.  I also couldn’t get enough sleep, ever.  So after seeing a positive pregnancy test, that all made perfect sense.  I was growing a human, no wonder I was pooped.

It has been a very interesting experience thus far.  A good kind of interesting.  There were the two weeks where I ate nothing but cereal for every meal.  The night I cried like a crazy maniac because Andrew was having oatmeal for dinner.  Telling our family the night after the 5am discovery was something I’ll never forget.  It took my mom about 5 minutes to say something (her hand was over her mouth), and Andrew’s mom already knew something was up because we had been trying to get a hold of her all night.  Thank the Lord for Skype.  The looks on their faces were priceless.  Hannah was the very first person I told, right after Andrew left for work that morning.  She semi freaked out, in a good way.

So now here I am on the cusp of my second trimester, 14 weeks.  The extreme exhaustion is starting to subside, and my regular appetite is starting to return.  Thank goodness.  Luckily, I never threw up or anything like that.  For a while I couldn’t eat at night, but that is getting better.  The big thing NOW is a mighty mighty case of constipation.  When we went to the doctor for the first time on Oct. 24th (good strong heartbeat!), he put me on an iron supplement because my blood tests showed a deficiency.  Those little white pills might be the death of my rear end.

Apparently extra iron can really back you up in a major way.  It has not been pretty.  After the Toilet Struggle of 2011 I endured (and eventually overcame) tonight, I am just so glad that Andrew decided to stick around.  He even went down to Walgreens and got me some Milk of Magnesia (barf).  Precious fella.  Fiber Fiber Fiber.  Fruit Fruit Fruit.  Repeat Repeat Repeat.

I plan to do updates on how this whole growing-a-human thing feels.  It will probably be TMI at times.  Well, most of the time.  But I don’t really care.  I’m pregnant, cranky, hungry, and you can just deal with it.

My most glamorous pose, obvsiously.


4 thoughts on “two become one, then one becomes two. who knew.

  1. Linda Smith says:

    The place you are standing in this picture is now obliterated with about 12 feet of leaves – and I just can’t seem to rake them away because they are so beautiful this year – but not NEARLY as beautiful as you (and jr child) are!!! I thank God every day for blessing me with 3 wonderful and amazing children and my 2 grandbabies (1 in utero, 1 in my arms constantly when I’m around)…….I love you baby. Constipation hint (unless you want the spoon method) – put some dark corn syrup in your coffee or another hot drink 🙂 I love you. Mum

  2. Jennifer H says:

    The poop problems will go away…that is until baby is actually here, but that’s a whole other world of issues. I remember that being pregnant was very rewarding but a lot less glamorous than other moms made it out to be. It’s like after they have babies they forget how it felt to be pregnant. Thankfully I had three of my friends pregnant with me so there was plenty of the ugly truth to go around! Enjoy the good parts of pregnancy and endure the rough patches. You look lovely!!

  3. Been there with the constipation problems…I had a major one when I was pregnant with Luke…I didn’t even know what was happening to me! Justin had to go out real late and get me some meds. It was not fun. I’m glad you’re feeling good though…you look great. 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    You’re giving me baby fever! All these memories of when we first found out, telling friend and family, not being able to poop! Pregnancy is no joke, but I for one LOVED every minute of it and I think you are too. 🙂

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