blackberries, boobs, & beef


November 19, 2011 by Heather

Working on a Saturday.  The worst part is the getting up and actually getting to work.  At 7:00 in the morning.  Once I get here I’m fine.  It’s nice and slow on the weekends (knock on this fake wood desk), the bosses aren’t here, I can play pandora and eat snacks at my computer, and the whole office is quiet and calm.

I’ve found that I thoroughly enjoy highlighting things.  Something about it makes me feel very professional and in charge.  I also like the way the cap sounds when I put it back on.  It’s the little things.

For my mid-morning snack I had a whole thing of blackberries (is that a pint?) and a hunk of french bread.  The office I’m in has big sliding glass doors, making me visible to anyone coming into the hospital.  I’m sure people wondered if I’d ever eaten before in my life by the way I was chowing down on that bread. 

When we were grocery shopping last Sunday I told Andrew I wanted to do a pot roast this week.  His response: “Well, could you make it a different way? The way you do it is always gravy-y.”  I told him I just always did it the way my mom did (which is yummy, I think), but I was willing to compromise.  I used this exact recipe from the always delicious Pioneer Woman, and it was really amazing.  The only thing I did different was use my handy dandy crock pot.  We had it last night (with pomegranate seeds for dessert, yum), and I’m pretty excited about having the leftovers for lunch today.  Again, it’s the little things. 

Today I am 15 weeks pregñente.  Feeling large and in charge.  Especially when highlighting medical record numbers.  Really though, I feel terrific.  I woke up with a massive headache which was no bueno (listen to all this español), which led me to drinking my 3rd cup of coffee in almost 4 months in an attempt to get rid of my cranial achage.  It worked.  Sorry, Little Watson… mommy needed a pick-me-up this morning.  Side note:  My chesticles are getting quite impressive.  For someone who stopped developing in that region around the age of 12, it’s been a lot of fun to have something of note under my puffy bra.  Definite perk.  Ha.

I’m gonna go find some stuff to highlight.



5 thoughts on “blackberries, boobs, & beef

  1. flamingomama says:

    Laughing sooooo hard ALL of Mena heard me!!

  2. Jennifer H says:

    Don’t fret about the coffee thing. I thought I was going to go all no caffeine but discovered that a cup of coffee a day is no big deal. I forget what the actual “okay” amounts are, but a cup of coffee isn’t a big deal.
    As for the boobs, enjoy them. I did! Best part is that if you breastfeed, they stick around. I went up a cup size and two band sizes during pregnancy (dropped back down a band size post though). Only problem is all those lovely, free V.S. bras I got, don’t fit like they used to!
    P.S. if you haven’t checked out yet you should. Be warned though, I drove myself crazy looking up every little thing!

    • I had a nurse at our doctor’s office tell me I could have up to three cups a day, I was like whoa! Seems like a bit much. I am working a 6am shift today, so I am currently sipping a small cup. I figure it’s ok 🙂 I usually only drink half of it anyways before it gets cold, then it’s gross. Awww all of your lovely VS bras! What a bummer! And yes, I get on baby center quite a bit! It’s so nice.

  3. Katie w says:

    Heath, I love that click too! I would like to see a prego pick!

    I’m bout to text you!

    • I knoooow, I just haven’t had a chance to take a good one. The thing is, I still just look kind of like a fat kid, haha.. I’ll see what I can do though, just for you. And my mom. 🙂 I miss you a lot…

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