We’ll be home for Christmas, well, almost.


December 13, 2011 by Heather

Spending the day catching up on laundry, making some Christmas treats (peppermint bark, oreo truffles, maybe some cookies), half-watching SATC, half-listening to the She & Him Holiday station on Pandora.

Oh, and also making a list of things to do before we move back to Arkansas at the end of this month.

Indeed, the Colorado chapter of Heather & Andrew has come to an end, 8 months after it began.  I don’t like to talk about endings though, I’m more of a new beginnings kind of gal.

Goodness though, what an adventure this has been!  And the adventure is only continuing.  Life is one big adventure, after all.  You don’t have to move 1,019 miles away from home to seek one out.

For us though, we needed it.  We needed to see what would happen, if we’d be ok, if we’d make it.  And make it we did.  We needed to know, and boy did we learn a few things along the way.

We learned how to live in a teensy tiny space.

I learned that food snobs are just plan scary.  I feel sorry for them, I’ve decided.

We joined a really neat gym, and I saw an old lady’s genitalia.

Andrew learned how to deliver milk, and make money doing it.  Moooooolah.  Get it?

We took in our new surroundings.

Hannah and Matt (and Harper, still in the womb) came to visit!!!!!!!!!!!  I was very sad when they left.

Oh yeah, and two days later I got fired from a job I really liked.  It makes me laugh now.  I’m still a little bitter about it, not gonna lie.  It is one of the main things that I will remember about Colorado.

Andrew climbed the career ladder up to Medical Center of the Rockies, and I searched for a job.  All summer long.

Mom and Eric came to visit!!!

I went home and helped my beautiful friend get married, and I threw my sister a baby shower.  Fun fun fun!

I got super frustrated with my job hunt, and Andrew took on a second job for about a month.  Not the best of times.

I got a urinary tract infection, peed the bed, and had the strangest job interview ever.

There was some really excellent Mac & Cheese made up in hurr.

God showed up right exactly when I needed Him the most.

We got dressed up & rode our bikes in the Tour de Fat.

I worked at a grocery store for three weeks.  Not fun.  Not fun at all.

I got a JOB.  I’m feeling a little bittersweet about leaving it, not gonna lie.  But I’m not really that great at jobs anyway, so it’s ok.  I’ll write a post about my weird relationship with jobs at a later date.  It is one of Andrew’s favorite things to make fun of.  Maybe I’ll make him write about it.

About the job.  I never, EVER, thought I’d work in a hospital.  I hate hospitals.  I have learned so much in the two months I’ve been there.  Like, how to talk to the elderly and deathly ill, how to hide what I’m thinking, how to ignore facial malformations while maintaining eye contact, how to open a wheelchair, how to get my way with a snobby nurse, how to ask questions, and how to get up at the buttcrack of dawn.  I also learned that a sincere compliment to an old lady can make her face brighten like the sun.  It has been a very, very good experience.  Oh and I learned about health insurance.

We tried really, really hard to find a church.  I think we went on at least ten or twelve dates with various churches.

We had our first Colorado snoooow!  There have been many snows since.  We’ve actually had snow on the ground for about two weeks now.

We learned how to get pregnant.  Heh heh.  This is the biggest thing I’ll remember.  Someday I’ll say, “You were conceived in Colorado!”  And they’ll be all like, “Siiiiiiick, Mom, gosh.”

The day I wrote this post, sneaky pants Andrew was in Little Rock at a job interview in his brand new gray suit.

We upgraded our bed.

Two days later, we found out Andrew got the job.

Mr. Andrew had a birthday!!!!!  Never was there a more handsome 26-year-old in all the land.


It’s been hard, fun, challenging, exhilarating, home-sickening, and exactly what we needed.

The most important lessons we’ve learned while here are as follows:

….How to trust God and know that He does have a plan way, way better than ours.

….We learned that Arkansas isn’t so bad after all.  We took it for granted, and being away made us appreciate it so much.  We also took having our families close for granted.  Life is too short to spend it away from those you love more than anything.

….And we learned so much about each other, about marriage, and what it really means.  This place, this experience will always hold a special place in our hearts because of it.  No one will ever really know what we’ve felt and done here, it’s our own little secret inside story, for the most part.  I will forever treasure this tiny apartment in my heart, because it taught us how to be close and how to truly care and take care of each other.  Whether that meant picking up the other person’s pile of clothes on the floor or being quiet while getting ready to work an early shift while the other one was sleeping in the same room, we’ve really learned to put the other person first.

If you want to see what your relationship is really made of, I highly recommend moving into a studio apartment in a town far away, where you only know each other.

So we’re moving to Little Rock, AR.  Andrew will be working at the University of Arkansas LR as a recruiter.  He’s missed working in higher education so much, and no one here would even interview him.  (I still yell bad things at CSU when I drive by it).  It’s what he wants to make a career out of, and it gets us closer to our families.  The thought of having a baby this far away made us both pretty sad and stressed out, to be quite honest.  My last day at work will be the 24th, Andrew’s last day is the 25th.  Then we’ll pull outta here around the 28th, heading back South where we belong.

🙂  Oh, and if you know of anyone in Little Rock interested in hiring a pregnant lady, let me know.


8 thoughts on “We’ll be home for Christmas, well, almost.

  1. That is so exciting that you are moving back! I lived in Oklahoma City for over a year. I definitely know what you mean. It makes you put things into perspective. It’s hard to live somewhere without your family and friends.

  2. I have had similar feelings about moving to Morgantown (and now Vietnam). Ira and I really took Arkansas for granted! The good news, is that when we go back, we’ll have got the wanderlust out of our systems. 😉

  3. I’ve been silently following your journey and have run the gamut of emotions with you as you did/experienced all these things. I am encouraged by your faith to try something new and your honesty when things didn’t always go as you hoped. You are refreshing to me. I’m so happy that things are working out so well for your return to Arkansas! I’ll be praying for your pregnant self to get a job you love!

  4. I’m in Paragould, going to ASU. My parents are about to sell their house in the country and move back into town and I can’t WAIT! Haha. I can’t get them close enough!

    • Well that is neato! I will be staying in Paragould for a little bit while Andrew stays with a friend in LR & starts his job, I’ll just sort of go back and forth while we try to find a place to live there. Sooooo we’ll need to hang out. Maybe our dogs can have a play date.

  5. Same feelings towards St. Louis. I am so glad that you are moving back so I can meet by nephew/niece.

  6. I can’t believe I’m just seeing this! We live in Little Rock! I definitely keep a look out. And I actually know a friend who also works recruiting at UALR. If Andrew meets Kyle McCourt, tell him to get to know him…he’s a pretty cool guy 🙂 Let me know where you guys will be living…it’ll be cool to know someone else around here.

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