the day I found out you were a boy


December 21, 2011 by Heather

It was very cold outside.

I woke up on the couch, simply because me having to sleep on my side now is causing some knee-knocking issues with your padre, who is a life long side sleeper and cannot be moved, even after a (loving) swift kick to the ankle.  I woke up feeling just like a little kid on Christmas morning.  December was snuggled under the blanket right next to my belly, and Mayfield was curled up behind my knees, right under my butt.  I mean bottom.  You should not say butt, son.  Ugly word.

Andrew & I went out for breakfast, since it was a special day.  I had french toast, and he had a really yummy looking breakfast sandwich with hashbrowns.  I super bad wanted eggs benedict, but the raw eggs in the sauce kept me from it.

We went to the store and got a few groceries.  Since we’re moving in 7 days we didn’t have to get a lot, just a few things for dinner and some fruit.  We eat a lot of fruit, I hope you like it.

Your daddy went to cycling class after that.  He likes to joke to people about how he is already rubbing my belly with bicycle tires so that you’ll come out ready to ride.  You will love him so much.  He’s the coolest.

I bundled up and took Mayfield for a walk.  It started snowing while we were out.  It was very pretty, but also freezing cold.  Our exercise time was cut short because I couldn’t really feel my face.

I came in and took a nap.  You’re wearing me out, child.  🙂  Then I took a long shower.  When I got out, Andrew was home and was a bundle of nerves, lemme tell ya.  He was pacing around talking about how this was a very defining doctors appointment.  Haha.  I hope you are as nerdy as he is.

We took separate cars to the doctor’s office since I had to go to work afterwards.  “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” was playing on the radio.

I had a feeling you were a boy.  I kept it to myself, but I secretly was hoping you were a boy.

I promise to let you play in the dirt.  I promise to let you eat things that make you sticky.  I promise to let you watch the same movie over and over and over.  I promise to let you have a pet worm in your room.  I promise to help you pick up your toy cars and legos.  I promise to not get (too) mad when I am changing your diaper and you hose me down.  I promise to pray for you everyday (we already do).  I promise to teach you the ways of a gentleman.  I promise I will support you and back you up, no matter what you choose to do.  As long as it’s legal and biblical.  Haha.

Oh, and I promise to only dress you in sweater vests until you are old enough to tell me you don’t like them.


13 thoughts on “the day I found out you were a boy

  1. Katie w says:

    I just cried and cried as I read this. Christmas time is so nastalgic anyway, so add babies and best friends to an already nostalgic season, and I’m a mess. I can’t wait to meet baby boy Watson and hurry up and move close to me! I miss you and I’m so excited about your future! Notice I spelled nostalgic 2 different ways… That’s cause I do not know how to spell it… Haha. Love you.

  2. flamingomama says:

    Sweater vests huh??? How about camo and cowboy boots????

  3. you’re going to be a wonderful momma, Heather! So happy for you and Andrew! Boys are great!! even at a year old, Gus can find humor in a whoopie cushion! and even at 9, Ethan still hugs me everyday. Glad to hear you will be moving back to Arkansas soon! Merry Christmas!

  4. flamingomama says:

    Uh. Arkansas. Camo. Yes. Given.

  5. flamingomama says:

    so, nickers and tall pale blue socks???

  6. Sarah says:

    I love this post!! The best part is all your promises to him and I have no doubt you will keep every one of them. The first time they decide to get messy your instinct will be to stop whatever is going on. But then you see their face light up, smile and you just can’t ruin the fun. I’m going to miss you. Sounds like you have awesome family and friends at home!

  7. Hannah J. says:

    Mom. No camo. I cannot stand it when people put CAMO HAIRBOWS in their child’s hair. Weird, I tell ya. I loooooooooove plaid, too. And stripes.

  8. Peepee Teepees…look for them…soooooo handy and no pee in the face (or all over your jeans while away from home visiting family. Yeah, I’ve been there :-S).

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