what’s been going on


December 31, 2011 by Heather

We moved back to Arkansas!  Christmas day was spent packing, Christmas night was spent with Mayfield being in the vet hospital for eating 17 hershey’s kisses, and the day after Christmas was spent loading up the U-haul.  We slept on the floor that night then got up bright and early for a 20 hour trip home.  I think we are still recovering from that.

We spent a couple of nights at Andrew’s parents’ house, where I clogged up the second floor toilet so badly that it overflowed, flooded the bathroom, and proceeded to leak through the floor and go through the first floor ceiling into the living room.  Good grief, do things like that really happen to me?

All of our stuff was unloaded at my mom’s, bless her lovely soul.  It will all stay there, along with me, until we find a place to live in Little Rock.

We went out to dinner with Hannah & Matt (and Harper), and it was really nice.  Even if our waiter was super hardcore and surfer-dude-ish.

We celebrated Christmas with Mom and Dad, it was mucho fun.

I got to help babysit my precious little perfect niece.  It was very fun and sweet and terrifying all at the same time.

And now we are spending the weekend in Mississippi with Andrew’s family at his grandparent’s house.  It is so good to be surrounded by family, even if all I want to do is sleep and eat Grandmother Watson’s chocolate cake.  I am quite the lively house guest, obviously.

Andrew starts his new job in Little Rock on Tuesday.  I am pretty sad about being away from him, so hopefully we are able to find an apartment or something there pretty soon.

This has been a very boring post.  I blame it on a few things, mainly the fact that a loud and strange cartoon is on in the background and just the sound of it has turned my brain to mashed peas.

New Year’s Resolution:  Be a better listener.  Squint less.  Read my Bible more.  Oh, and give birth.


2 thoughts on “what’s been going on

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Pahaha what cartoon was it? There are no decent cartoons anymore. I turn them on for Harper because she likes the colors on the t.v, but they annoy me almost instantly so I normally just turn it to Food Network. Haha. She knows how to cook already.

    Squint less?

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