topics that shall not be blogged about on this here blog


January 6, 2012 by Heather

Anything About Politics and/or Politicians
I just find most of it confusing and unnecessary.  There’s just so much hoopla about all of it, and everyone thinks they are the only ones who are right.  I know what I believe when it comes to government type issues, and when the time comes to vote for things I vote for who I think will do the very best job.  Also, whenever I talk about politics it usually involves some comment such as, “George W. Bush is just so cute, I want to hug him.”  Which causes my genius to lose credibility, and I can’t have that happen.

Independent Sales Representatives for Certain Cosmetics and Home Fragrance Companies
I have a few friends who do this as either their main gig or a side job to earn extra cash.  I use a couple of Certain Cosmetics Company products, but I am thisclose to finding something else to use instead because the act of ordering the products means that I inevitably will have to hear the schpill about why I myself should be an Independent Sales Rep for such and such company.  Not to offend anyone, but come on.  Just let me buy my anti-aging face wash in peace.  I think those who sell Home Fragrance items are the worst about bombarding facebook about it, which is why I hide them from my newsfeed.  Ok I’ll stop.

My Parents’ Divorce
I’ve almost written about it a couple of times on here.  Even though it has been two years since the you-know-what hit the fan, the feelings I have about it are still so raw.  It hurts to my core.  I hate it so much, and part of me always will.  Divorce sucks.  My parents read this occasionally so I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.  There is still a lot of rage inside this hormonal pregnant lady regarding everything that happened though.  I’ll just leave it at that.  But oh, the things I could say.

Intimate Things, Such as Making the Sex
My mother-in-law reads this sometimes.  Enough said.

Financial Issues
Listen, we’ve all got them.  There’s never enough money, am I right?  Actually, there is, we just think there isn’t.  But I said I wouldn’t talk about financial issues.  I’d like to just keep things as light as possible on here.  Well, for the most part.  Gotta get to the dark side every now and then for kicks.

Breastfeeding, When I Get to That
No one wants to hear about my nipples that have turned to lumps of rubber.  No one wants to hear about if the little man child will latch on or not.  I think “latch” is such a gross word.  The word “breast” bothers me too.  I am thinking about referring to them as my udders.  I call Hannah’s her milk jugs.  Sorry Hannah if you didn’t want people to know that.  I could also call them my food blobs.  Or my vending machines.  My calcium lanterns.  The jugs of life.  So many options.

How Wonderful and Amazing My Wonderful and Amazing Husband Is All the Time
Hello, cheese factory.  He knows I think he hung the moon.  I’d prefer to keep those gushy feelings for him to hear about only.  I’m talking like an entire post devoted to his fabulousness.  That would just be a lot of public love.  I still will mention how he’s a hunka-hunka burnin’ love, duh.  Because he totally is.  So cute.  And nice.  And thoughtful, and really hard working.  Also, he makes the best grilled cheese in the whole entire world.  I’m not even lying.


4 thoughts on “topics that shall not be blogged about on this here blog

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Baha, calcium lanterns? Jugs of life…hahaha. I just got it. So dumb.

  2. Sarah says:

    I think those area all great things not to talk about on a blog. HOWEVER, I bet your vending machines will make their appearance (not literally!) on here, mostly due to sleep deprivation and frustration. It happens. I’ve written two great posts about my sistas and they were popular posts. 😉

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