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January 12, 2012 by Heather

No, I do not want to fly away like the Nelly Furtado song.  Is that how her name is spelled?  I guess if I was really concerned about spelling it right I’d google it, but nah.

I think I am on the cusp (love that word) of full-on nesting mode.  Cusp.  Use it in a sentence today.  Example:  “I am on the cusp of passing gas, so please excuse me in advance.”  Or, “You are very rapidly approaching the cusp of making  me really mad.”

Anyways, nesting.  What an interesting thing.  I’ve always been one who likes to feather her nest, but now that I’ve laid an egg and am incubating it and waiting for it to hatch, my brain is really thinking about all things domestic.

For instance, yesterday at the store I spent a long time reading the backs of a lot of cleaning products.  I came really close to buying the all natural-botanical cleaners, until I realized that Andrew would be like, “Why did you get that.  Why.”  I already use the natural toilet cleaner (secret:  I also use it to clean the bathtub, shh don’t tell), because I figure I shouldn’t be inhaling bleach cleaner.  I spend a while cleaning the bathroom.  It is sort of like therapy to me.

ANYWAYS.  The point is that I was so engrossed in all of these cleaning products.  What in the world?  I ended up getting a few things, just to help with the move-in to our new duuuuuplex.  I like to draw out the “u.”  I think I’ll refer to it in conversation as “our apartment,” or “the apartment,” because saying, “I’m headed back to the duplex” sounds dumb, right?

Also, there are two really nice flower beds right outside of our duplex apartment.  In these, I’d like to plant a mixture of herbs and flowers.  My thumb is the total opposite of green (even though I did keep a rosemary plant alive and thriving in a coffee mug for two whole years), so I am researching how to do it the right way.  Apparently I need to plant seedlings and then transfer them into the flower beds in the spring.  That’s what I’ve learned thus far in my research.  Think I could use empty egg cartons to plant the seedlings?

Nesting.  I’m on the cusp.

So this morning I am taking full advantage of Mom’s cable while I still can, and right now the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is (are?) on.  These ladies are ridiculous.  Not as ridiculous as the Atlanta ones, but still quite a bunch of hot messes.

I love her hair though:

Kyle Richards

Isn’t her hair gorgeous?  It’s so shiny and pretty!  Makes me want to grow my hair out to boob-length.

Peace in the Northeast.


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