shoulds vs. wants


January 18, 2012 by Heather

Things I Should Be Doing:

Unpacking the suitcase I lived out of for three weeks.
Organizing our closet.
Taking Mayfield for a walk.
Unpacking boxes and more boxes.
Hanging more things on the wall.
Doing my arm exercises.
Making the bed.
Cleaning out the flower beds outside.
Memorizing Bible verses.
Praying for the lost.
Figuring out what should go on our baby registry.
Delivering homemade loaves of bread to our new neighbors.  (Wait, we’re the new ones.  Shouldn’t we be the ones getting the bread?)

Things I Want to Do:

Pick at my pimples.  (stop it heather, stop it heather, stop it heather)
Take the polish off my nails, then cut and file them so I won’t be able to pick at my pimples.
Take a long shower.
Watch a movie.
Eat a lot of things.
Maybe take a nap.
And that’s about it.

Hey, I did just start a load of laundry.  That’s a step in the positive direction, I’d say.

I do think I’ll bundle up, leash up the dog, and get some fresh air and a bit of exercise.  Maybe after I do that, the other “shoulds” will follow.  Right?  Right??

Happy Humpday.


2 thoughts on “shoulds vs. wants

  1. flamingomama says:

    You left out visit the nursing home. Just ask Hannah. She does it all the time. Love you…

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