January 24, 2012 by Heather

A couple of months ago I saw a thing on pinterest about sock bun curls.  I thought, hmm, neat.  I even watched this video about how to make the bun.  I knew Andrew had an old thin lonely dress sock in his drawer that I could steal and cut the toe off of without him even knowing.  Muuahahaha.  (Well he knows now because after the bun turned out pretty well I ran in front of the tv and said, “Look at what I did with one of your socks!”)

I will say, at first I thought the bun looked a little old lady Pentecostal-ish.  That is not a jab at Pentecostals.  It is a jab at the way some of the older ladies tie up their long, uncut hair.



Don't knock the 5th grade style hair clippy. It works, even on short bangs.

I thought just the bun itself looked pretty sweet.  I mean, usually my top knots are little tightly twisted pointy things on the crown of my head.  I can never get that full, messy bun look, you know?  And we all want full and messy buns.

Midway through my hair-playing time I had some help arrive, thank goodness.

December decided it was time for a drink.

She does this every time I am in the bathroom.

Girlfriend was parched.

Sooooo this morning I wake up, all excited to unleash my head of sumptuous sock bun curls.  The bun actually did stay in all night, which is pretty amazing considering how much I toss and turn with this whole side sleeping thing.

And this is all I got:

nailed it. not.

Maybe it would’ve worked better if I had put product in my hair…?  Who knows.  My hair doesn’t hold curl to save its life anyway.  But I think it could work really well on someone whose hair loves curl!  Still, I like the bun better.  I put it back up after I took this picture, haha.  Just call me Sister Heather.

...and speaking of buns...

Happy Tuesday, sweet petunias.





10 thoughts on “buns

  1. jrisner says:

    I love BOTH of your buns very much. Love you!

  2. I tried that same thing when my hair was longer and my turned out about the same way yours did…but my hair wouldn’t stay in the bun all night.

  3. Hannah J. says:

    You look wonderful pregnant. I just stared at that last picture of you for like five whole minutes. I’m just so glad you are having a baby:)

  4. Kala Gilland says:

    I so tried the sock bun last night!! I even watches the video off of pinterest.. my curls turned out just like yours. I’m thinking I may have left my hair too wet when I put it up and maybe like you said some product may help as well. I’m giving it another shot tonight. By the the sick bun looks cute on you I look sooo goofy 🙂 haha. Cute belly!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    So pretty!! I like the bun and OMG are you adorable! Miss you missy.

  6. eschug says:

    You should try the other way to get heat-free curls that I found on pinterest. It uses an elastic headband and you wrap your hair around it-it sounds sort of complicated the way I am explaining it, but it’s not. I tried it when my hair was longer, and it worked pretty well. I wasn’t patient enough to leave it in like I was supposed to and ended up taking it out early, so I had waves instead of curls, but it worked well!

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