humpday nugs


January 25, 2012 by Heather

My deodorant has been in Andrew’s car for a little over a week now.  You know what that means.

Last night I dreamed (dreamt?) that I was at this weird concert where the audience and performers were predominately old people.  I know why I dreamed it – it’s because we watched some of this documentary last night during dinner.  Anyway, in my dream they were playing all of these songs that no one had ever heard before.  Then at one point an old man got up there and started singing one of my favorite Sara Bareilles songs, Basket Case.  And I got up from the bean bag I was lounging on and started singing along and everyone was like, “Oh my gosh, how does she know this song?  She is amazing.”  Ah, pregnancy dreams.

It is a rainy day here.  I’d much rather have rain than snow though.  I think I’ve had my snow fill for a little while after being in Colorado.

Listen, don’t be jealous of my new refrigerator calendar I got on clearance at Target:

Ah, sweet event organization.

I transferred various special dates from my 2011 calendar to the new one.  It was a weird feeling writing in the months past May, knowing that we’ll have a wee little tot then.  So weird.  But a good weird.

Things are a bit slower right now than they were this time last year, for example:

Last year's January.

This year's January.

I never know what to do with an old calendar.  It feels so sad to throw it away, with all of the scribbles and things in it about this and that.  They’re just awkward to hang onto… I mean, they don’t fit that great into drawers or my “special box” (you know, the shoe box where random sentimental things like receipts and cards go).  I have no idea where 2010’s calendar is, so I’m guessing it got tossed.  Which is what will inevitably happen to this one.  It’s a new year, time to embrace it.

I can hear a massive herd of black birds outside.  I’m assuming they’re black birds, maybe that’s racist.  Hopefully they don’t poop all over my car.  I went to get in my car yesterday afternoon and noticed a perfectly round circle of bird excrement on my windshield.  I’m talking an exact circle.  Like the little guy laid down a biscuit cutter to poop in and then removed it once it had dried.  Impressive.

Uh oh, time for what I’ve started calling my Second Breakfast.  It usually goes beyond a Morning Snack, hence the name change.  I’m thinking nutella & banana slices on some french bread.  Then it’s laundry folding time, WOOHOO.

May your humpday be fantastic.

hey brudder.

Totally looks like I just ate waaaay too much cheesecake in that picture.


One thought on “humpday nugs

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Hahaha that dream sounds amazing.
    I love that picture of May 🙂

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