home again home again, jiggidy jog.


January 26, 2012 by Heather

Today while standing in line at the deli counter waiting to get Andrew’s stuff for his lunches next week, I overheard the lady in front of me say this to the deli guy:

“Well let me tell ya somethin’.  That right there is gonna be my dinner tonight, I ain’t cookin’.  Let me tell you what I’m gon do.  See I get a can of bean dip, then I get that jalapeno cheese dip that ya’ll have in the jar on the chip aisle, ‘en I mix it all on a plate and warm it up and let me tell you.  It is just so good.  So I’ma have that meat and cheese right there on a sandwich, then I’ma have my dip with a bag of chips.”

She turned around and looked at me, grinned, and I said, “Well it sounds delicious.”

Then when I went to check out, the cashier asked if I’d ever skinned a deer before and if not, did I want to know how?  Said he knew how to skin pretty much everything.

It is so good to be back in Arkansas.  My spirits were so lifted by the grand display of southern charm that I almost didn’t get angry when I went over our grocery budget for the third week in a row.  Almost.


4 thoughts on “home again home again, jiggidy jog.

  1. Hannah J. says:


  2. Sarah says:

    well you do have friendlier people in your lil town. and weider. on in a small mountain town would you hear someone talking about skinning a dear. eeew.

  3. Sarah says:

    I can’t spell. ONLY and DEER. duh

  4. Hannah J. says:

    I want to meet that lady.

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