breast friends


January 31, 2012 by Heather

*not to be confused with the more common phrase, “bosom buddies”

I don’t know if I’ve ever written about girlfriends on here.  Or any friends, for that matter.  I promise I do have friends, I really do.  No, really.  I do.

And they are terrific.

I am lucky to have lots of friends from various stages of life, some who come and go and some who come and stay.  You know how friendships go.  They are fragile and they require work.  Making new ones is really hard, especially once you hit a certain age.  Then it becomes like dating, which is super awkward.

My very closest friends are divided into three main categories, as follows:

1) Hannah, my sister.  She gets her own special category.  We have been breast friends now for 23 1/2 years.  More can be read about our strange and interesting relationship here.

2) John Brown University friends, also known as the Kali Dada (“fierce sisterhood” in Swahili).  I went to school there from August ’04-December ’05, and in that short span of time I managed to make some really fabulous friends.  Funny how God works, we all just happened to be placed on the same hall in the same dorm.  Through the years, our friendships have matured and grown and weaved in and out of here and there.  It is a most interesting group of girls.  I think if we met each other today, without ever having met before, we might not get along so well actually.. because we are all so different, especially as we’ve each taken our own individual paths in this crazy life.  I am so grateful and blessed to have them.  In two years we will have been friends for a decade, whoa.  They are lifelong friends, the kind who tell each other the good, the bad, and at times, the very ugly.  Carol, Elizabeth, Ali, Christy, and Kristina.  You are all so weird.  I mean, I mean I love you all so much.

3) Williams Baptist College friends, also known as The Button Society.  Again, another group of girls I spent a relatively short amount of time with but managed to form super tight knit bonds with.  Too many “withs” in that sentence, both of them probably used incorrectly.  Anyway.  It is so interesting to me how close friendships are born.  With these girls, our little group began after a dorm activity one night that led to us all reconvening in one girl’s room acting like crazy hooligans until the wee hours.  From there on out we were inseparable, even going so far as to form a super exclusive “club” (it sounds lame, I know) that may or may not have involved a midnight initiation ceremony in a cemetery.  And there may or may not be a B.S. book out there in a secure location that may or may not have our signatures in it accompanied with a dot of our own lifeblood.  Yes, we are basically 9 year old boys.  Katie, Toni Rae, Meg, Katy Jane, and Julie.  I miss our combined strangeness.  Love, Dana.


This past weekend I had the pleasure of reuniting with Group #2.  It had been almost a year since we’d been together, shame on us.  It is quite humorous to think about how different we are now as opposed to, say, 5 years ago.  Back then, our weekends together included lots of eating out, shopping, dancing, etc.  This weekend we mostly stayed in and talked.  Granted, there was much to catch up on, which was just fine with me.  There’s no one else I’d rather stay up talking to/crying with until 4am.  Our one big “outing” involved going to the new art museum in Bentonville, which is incredible.  Hopefully I get to see these lovely faces again real soon, since one of us is very close to giving birth and another one (me me me!) is just around the bend.

My, how we've grown.

And yes, that is a sock bun in my hair.  Thank you for noticing.



One thought on “breast friends

  1. Katie says:

    I hope the button society has a reunion similar to this one real soon as well!!!

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